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Introducing Caspian's: A Seductive Cocktail and Caviar Bar at Caesars Palace

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Introducing Caspian's: A Seductive Cocktail and Caviar Bar at Caesars Palace

Prepare to step into a world of wonder and luxury as Caspian's, the seductive cocktail and caviar bar at Caesars Palace, unveils an opulent experience that will leave guests speechless.

Posted on Nov 14, 2023


Caspian’s: A Hidden Gem at Caesars Palace

Step into a world of luxury and intrigue at Caspian’s, the newest addition to the renowned Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Created by Clique Hospitality, this seductive cocktail and caviar bar is set to open its doors this spring, promising a dramatic experience that will leave visitors in awe. Located just steps away from the main casino floor, Caspian’s is ready to invite passersby for an exquisite culinary journey and an unforgettable evening behind its opulent walls.

From the moment you approach Caspian’s, you will be captivated by its European elegance. The exterior is a testament to exquisite design, boasting an intricately designed bar and intimate tables in a luxurious setting. The combination of onyx and pearl hues with detailed brass creates a visually stunning ambiance that sets the stage for the opulence that awaits inside.

At Caspian’s, caviar takes center stage. Prepare to indulge in an exceptional collection of the world's finest caviar, expertly curated to tantalize your taste buds. Served alongside an extensive selection of champagne and vodka, every bite is a sensory delight. Accompaniments chosen specifically to enhance the flavors of each delicacy ensure that each mouthful is an explosion of pleasure.

If you are fortunate enough to venture beyond the caviar bar's back wall, you will discover a hidden passageway that seems to fade into the shadows. Dare to enter, and you will be greeted with a breathtaking burst of vibrant colors and artistic brilliance. The music lounge, paying homage to Art Deco's Parisian roots, is a mesmerizing collision of materials, fabrics, and colors. Prepare to be enthralled by the sightlines filled with opulence and beauty.

The centerpiece of the music lounge is a grand golden frame adorned with rich inky blue velvet curtains. This lavish backdrop serves as the stage for performances that will leave you in awe. Relax on ornate oversized couches wrapped in luxurious deep browns, blues, and golds as you immerse yourself in the mesmerizing music. A magnificent chandelier hangs from a 16-foot-tall ceiling, illuminating the room in brilliant colors that mimic the enchanting depths of the sea.

As the music fills the room, imaginative cocktails will be expertly crafted to delight your senses. Each libation is designed to enhance your overall experience, elevating your evening to new heights. The combination of intoxicating melodies and delectable concoctions guarantees an experience that is truly unparalleled.

Caspian's is conveniently situated near the main entrance of Caesars Palace, nestled between the high limit slot area and the renowned Nobu Hotel & Restaurant. The space that formerly housed Cleopatra's Barge has been transformed into an immersive wonderland of taste and sound.

Designed by the visionary and award-winning team of Celano Design Studio Co., Caspian's encompasses 1,100 square feet and can accommodate up to 50 guests in the caviar bar. The music lounge spans an impressive 2,300 square feet, offering plush seating for nearly 100 guests.

More information about Caspian’s will soon be available on the website at www.caspianslv.com. Stay updated on the latest developments by following Caspian's on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook at @caspianslv.

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