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Axe Monkeys

Axe Monkeys is no longer open for business.

As the name implies, Axe Monkeys involve axes, but not, regrettably, monkeys. Whether you are looking to explore your inner Viking or lumberjack, Axe Monkeys have something for you, and it’s not limited to axes alone.

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Axe Monkeys |Las Vegas Attractions

Axe Monkeys is no longer open for business.

At Axe Monkeys, guests can experience the satisfying thrill of chucking axes, spears, and knives. Each session begins with an instructional session before you are turned loose to test your skills. But the experience doesn’t end with the simple tossing of weapons. Axe Monkeys also offer Rage Rooms. In these rooms, after receiving instruction, and being kitted out in the appropriate safety gear, you will be turned loose to wreak havoc on the environment, using baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers, and anything else you can think of. Pound away to your heat’s content (there is nothing really lethal to be found in the rooms), but the release you feel can certainly be cathartic. It’s certainly cheaper than therapy!
Axe Monkeys offers individual sessions, as well as membership programs, allowing you to visit whenever you feel the need to vent. It also offers mobile cages, available for events such as birthdays, weddings (doesn’t seem like a good sign!), and, possibly more appropriate, divorce parties. So come and take out your rage in a cage at Axe Monkeys.

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373 Points

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Axe monkeys is so much fun, and a heck of a workout? Cool date idea or even a good stress reliever. What ever reason you come, you'll most definitely want to be disappointed. Special thanks goes to Sasha for helping with my form and to Operation Manager Jason for being so cool and awesome. Axe monkeys is definitely the place to go.

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458 Points

What I Liked Most

The Staff is Great

What I Disliked

My friends and I stopped by Axe Monkeys a few days ago and had a blast for the couple of hours we were there. It's a great place to hang out and let off a little steam by chucking axes at wooden targets.

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