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Nascar Racing Experience Las Vegas

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Nascar Racing Experience

Ride-Along, or take the wheel yourself, and experience heart-pounding racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a 600+ horsepower stock car.

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Nascar Racing Experience |Las Vegas Attractions

The Nascar Racing Experience is as close as you can come to experiencing the thrill of a Nascar driver. Starting with a consultation from your Crew Chief, you are then taken directly to the track, just you and the car. There is no instructor sitting next to you, nor any lead car to follow. And what a Speedway it is. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a 1.5-mile course with 12 to 20 degrees banking on the turns. Once you are on the course, you will receive communications from a spotter over your in-car radio. Every eight minutes of racing, you will be called in for a brief pit stop, then returned to the track to increase your speed. Feel free to pass by any slower drivers you encounter, as passing is allowed on this course.

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This was kind of a splurge experience for some buddies and me and we all had a really good time. But, the cars are very limited by the governor and as soon as you started to feel some real speed, the car would slow down automatically. The staff was really good and we made some memories, but it's not something I would shell out the cash for in the future.

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