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No flight experience? No problem. Sky Combat Ace allows visitors to take the stick and experience the wonder of flight on a whole new level.

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Sky Combat Ace |Las Vegas Attractions

Sky Combat Ace offers one of the most unique and heart-pounding experiences in Las Vegas, and maybe in the world. Climb aboard and take control of the stick as you loop, barrel roll, and even dogfight your buddies above the Las Vegas desert. Surprisingly, all of this can be done without any prior flight experience. Not ready to take the controls just yet? Choose Operation Recon and let one of the experienced and certified Sky Combat Ace pilots take you on the ride of your life. Any package you choose includes a safety briefing and an onboard professional pilot who can save your tail in the unlikely event it's needed.

All experiences at Sky Combat Ace Las Vegas last for approximately 3 hours and start at $499 for a ride-along experience. Fly the plane yourself by upgrading to The Afterburner package for $699, or experience the thrill of a dogfight for $999. No matter which package you choose, we guarantee this will be an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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It’s an absolutely mind bending experience! Twice I actually got to fly a little, and both times it was among the greatest rushes I’ve had (on par with, but a lot longer than, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc). The feeling of pulling G’s well outside of a rollercoaster (up to +8 and -3 my second time) has to be lived to be explained. The wonderful disorientation of rolls, tumbles, flying in all directions, and flying low, is similarly memorable. The pilots checked in constantly, so I suspect each ride is very tailored to the individual.

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