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Wreck Room

The Wreck Room is a destruction experience on a level all its own. At the Wreck Room, you can indulge your inner child by throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions.

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Wreck Room |Las Vegas Attractions

The Wreck Room’s basic package provides you with a variety of things to smash, including 15 small items, 5 medium-sized pieces, and one large item to allow you to truly vent. Smashing equipment is also available, including such things as baseball bats, crowbars, and the like.

Protective gear is included, so you don’t wind up damaging yourself, as well! The XL Package almost doubles the number of smashable items. If that is not enough to satisfy your craving for destruction, perhaps you should consider therapy!

We all not to vent a bit at a time, so why not do it in the controlled environment of the Wreck Room?

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