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Baccarat Bar at Bellagio Las Vegas

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The Las Vegas strip is filled with bars and lounges competing to be the hippest and most modern, but the Baccarat Bar at Bellagio brings guests a timeless atmosphere, featuring live Jazz music, that modern-day Vegas has left behind.

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Baccarat Bar at Bellagio Las Vegas

The Baccarat Bar at Bellagio caters to visitors with a refined taste for the finer things in life. Live Jazz musicians perform each night and set the tone for a laid-back evening of smooth music and top-shelf martinis. The Baccarat Bar is also home to an excellent selection of imported cigars to satisfy the most selective of cigar aficionados. Convening honing quintessential occasions

Located just off the casino floor, the Baccarat Bar is an excellent destination for those seeking respite for their tired feet or guests looking for a nightlife destination to pass the night away. Along with live music, drinks, and cigars, the Baccarat Bar offers some of the best people-watching on the strip.

The sophisticated atmosphere and entertainment that built Las Vegas has slowly faded away through the years, but the Baccarat Bar at Bellagio is one lounge that pays tribute to the city’s past. Well-dressed patrons, personal service, and live music make Baccarat Bar a nightlife venue that you won’t come by easily in the new Las Vegas.

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Baccarat Bar Ratings & Reviews

w4nD3r profile photo


803 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

09/21/2023 Thursday 1100 am My blood sugar suddenly dropped . John was walking towards the Bacarat Bar. I requested help from him. He immediately walk briskly towards the bar & offered me orange juice. PTL. John is neat, clean, respectful, polite, caring , compassionate & has. a great attitude. He was busy but then he took the time to help me. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for an excellent service rendered by John. 👏🏽❤️🙏

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9lW5fh profile photo


667 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Upscale in every way. Great place to hang out while waiting for Bellagio meal reservations. Came for a beer and spent enough time to sample some great martinis too. Good service, high quality mixed drinks. Also a cigar menu with even Cuban cigars.

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56fan profile photo


764 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This 1-star rating seems very unfair to my server and the overall experience - this is only about hostess. My server was friendly, welcoming, and caring - what more could you ask for? I had a lovely evening, had about 6 margaritas, and was even considering staying all night because it was so enjoyable. However, there are situations beyond my control. I found myself in an urgent restroom situation, essentially an emergency. Trying not to show my discomfort, I informed the host that I needed to step outside to meet a friend and would be back in 10 minutes. Regrettably, the host mentioned they couldn’t hold my table. I inquired about my most recent order, but it seemed that 10 minutes was deemed too long – at least by her standards and company policy. Fortunately, my waitress intervened, assuring the hostess that I could be trusted with a 10-minute absence from my table. To provide reassurance, I even left my credit card, demonstrating my commitment to returning within my timeframe. Despite my efforts to ensure a swift return, the situation escalated. The hostess confronted me at my table while I was trying to savor my last drink. She asked why I didn’t like her establishment, to which I questioned her authority. She insisted that I was violating her policies and warned of consequences if I continued to defend myself. All this in front of other obviously more respected guesses than myself. Being an immigrant, I am aware that my facial features might be perceived as unpleasant or irritating, yet I diligently work to earn a living and tip generously to counteract any potential bias. I regret that I couldn’t assuage the hostess’s concerns in this instance. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to do so next time.

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x8iEi profile photo


514 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Love this lounge. Perfect for cocktail and people watching, very relaxing vibe. Service is always on top.

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StephanieP profile photo


548 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The bar has a great location in the middle of Vegas madness, but the cocktails were not very good. I would recommend sticking to wine and beer instead.

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