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Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World Las Vegas

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Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

Pass through an unsuspecting door at Ms. Meow’s Mamak Stall and enter a quaint speakeasy known by locals as Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den.

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Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World Las Vegas

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den is a quaint bar and lounge located just behind the shelves of a small gift and sundries shop called Ms. Meow’s Mamak Stall. Located near the casino floor at Resorts World Las Vegas, Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den is a unique adventure that everyone is sure to love. The upbeat atmosphere and attentive service give every visitor a VIP experience that will likely keep you in your seat for more than a couple of drinks.

While Here Kitty Vice Den certainly falls under the category of speakeasy, gaining entrance is actually quite painless. Simply head the Ms. Meow's Mamak Stall and tell one of the friendly staff members you are interested in entering. As long as it's not at capacity, which is a possibility, then they will lead you right through the shelves and into the lounge. There is a one or two-drink minimum, but let's face it, why are you visiting a speakeasy if you don't plan on drinking?

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Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den Ratings & Reviews

12Legs profile photo


713 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

My girlfriend had heard about this place and wanted to check it out. I was a little bit hesitant because I usually stick to sports bars and don't like the "better than you" attitude that people at these places usually have. As it turns out, I was wrong and we had a really good time. The drinks are really expensive, but our server was very friendly and helpful with drink selections. It's very small inside the secret door but they give you your own table and everyone stays in their area so you don't have to worry about striking up a conversation with strangers.

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Mr293 profile photo


689 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Not really a bar you will spend the entire evening but worth visiting for a quick drink or two.

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Love2Vegas profile photo

Love2VegasBig Pine, CA

1821 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Drinks are a touch pricey and while the secret door is cool it’s not necessarily anything spectacular once inside.

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AllSevens profile photo


1211 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Legit thought my friends were joking with me when they told me to go ask about the secret door. But nope, it’s there.

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8ball profile photo

8ballLas Vegas

2441 Points

What I Liked Most

The fun of a speakeasy without everything looking like the 1920's

What I Disliked

This is a really cool bar because you get to experience the secret door entrance and a really cool setting, but unlike other similar bars, it has a modern vibe and doesn't feel like the prohibition era.

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