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Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World Las Vegas

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Zouk Nightclub

Located at the brand new Resorts World, Zouk Nightclub is one of the newest, and certainly most lively, nightclubs in Las Vegas.

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Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World Las Vegas

Always come dressed to impress at Zouk, because this place is truly a sight to behold. Zouk is the newest nightclub on the Las Vegas strip and poised to become the most technologically advanced club in Las Vegas. With lasers and strobe lights blending seamlessly to the beat, at Zouk you won't just hear the music, you'll experience it. Zouk has an impressive stable of talent, including Zedd and Tiesto, ready to present you with a night you're sure to never forget.

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Zouk Nightclub Ratings & Reviews

tvlr23 profile photo


568 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I was excited to go to Zouk because it's the newest club in Vegas and I was excited to see Tiesto. The club is cool, but I was very disappointed. The line was insanely long, the inside was too crowded, and there was no room to dance. I didn't have this problem at any other Vegas clubs

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MovieBuffs47 profile photo


619 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Best nightclub in Las Vegas! We always have the best time here. General Admission works great for us, we always get in quickly and rush to the front and have a blast watching the artists perform! The security team in front of the stage is usually very friendly, and keep it incredibly clean and safe.

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mvp21 profile photo


812 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The light show is fun and the drinks are good - the large drink size is basically a big gulp, so if you get one you don't really need another. However, most of the space of the club is dedicated to exclusive tables that cost an exorbitant amount to gain access to. After paying for general admission or the cover charge, if you just want to stand around and not pay again for a table, you're going to have flashlights shined in your face as the security instructs you to move and keep walkways clear - however, the entirety of the club outside of the table areas is mostly walkways, and as such you won't be able to move anywhere. If anybody needed immediate egress, either due a fire or injury, it just would not be possible. Maximum capacity is completely disregarded. The light show is fun, but the scaffolding that holds the lights can move - and it can come quite low, low enough that a patron could easily climb onto a railing and reach the scaffolding. Ideally security would stop this, but in my opinion such a risk should not be present in an establishment that provides (amazingly large) drinks. The scaffolding comes down at least ten feet lower than in the photo I've attached. Overall, good acoustics, but very poorly designed, and it quickly becomes a fire hazard and an overall stressful experience. The only place I could stand that was not a walkway was outside the club, in the Ayu dayclub, which is mostly roped off when the night club is open.

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Pixie8 profile photo


605 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Of course it's fun going to a nightclub and seeing your favorite DJ. The place is classy and really cool looking. But, unfortunately there are major issues. First off, the artist that you came to see doesn't get on stage until at least 1:15am! Meaning they end after 3:00am! The doors open at 10:30pm even though the ticket says 10:00pm. You have to wait an outrageously long amount of time for the artist you came to see to get on stage all without going to the bathroom because if you have a good spot standing on the floor the security gives you an extremely hard time getting back to your spot even if you paid for the VIP expedited entry which means you're not supposed to have any issues. And they let people with standard admission in before you. What's the point of paying over 3x the price? For people who flew in from across the country staying up this late makes the show enjoyable and can be health hazard going for so long without eating or drinking (I don't care how young you are, I'm 23). By the time the headliner gets on stage everyone is drained and when I was there last time they had a little camera put right in the middle of the stage which blocked his face so what's the point of standing in front if you can't even them. The showgirl staff that walks around in risque outfits that are supposed to add fun to the show seem to hate their job as they walk around frowning like they hate their job or are mistreated. I feel bad for them. The clean up staff is constantly walking by shining lights into the crowd and trying to clean stuff up in the middle of the show which is rather annoying. Just wait until it's over! I think the place has potential and is fun but they really need to revamp the way they do things to make it a better experience for those who travel and pay decent money to have a good time seeing their favorite DJ.

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323Sail profile photo


218 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I love Zouk! My girls and I went here to see DJ Snake. The manager at the door was very friendly and even personally walked us in. This has to be the hottest nightclub in Vegas. We went to several that weekend for birthday celebrations but as a group we kept referencing our night at Zouk as the high standard for the whole trip.

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JetsetStacey profile photo


581 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Honestly this nightclub is very popular and it’s really good! I had so much fun!! I will be coming here next time when I go to Vegas again. If anyone is looking for a nightclub to go to, come here!! You’ll have a good time

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