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La La Noodle at Park MGM Las Vegas

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La La Noodle

La La Noodle is located at Park MGM and serves up a wide selection hand-pulled noodle dishes drawing inspiration from authentic Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisines.

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La La Noodle | Las Vegas Restaurants

La La Noodle is located at Park MGM and serves up a wide selection hand-pulled noodle dishes drawing inspiration from authentic Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisines.

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La La Noodle Ratings & Reviews

RocketG7 profile photo


250 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I began my meal with the hot and sour soup at La La Noodle and found it to be delicious. The soup had a good amount of fixings, excellent flavor, and just the right amount of heat. I also tried the General Tso, which was marked as spicy on the menu. The waiter assured me it wasn't overly spicy and he was correct. The dish had great flavor and just the right level of heat, with tender pieces of chicken. We opted to sit in the cozy and quiet back dining area, where our waiter provided excellent service with a smile. Overall, it was an excellent dining experience at La La Noodle.

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bWilson13 profile photo


506 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

We had two mains and one starter plus 2 glasses of wine. The start was crispy spring roll. The mains were drunken beef and la la special rice. Service could not fault. Food was really good. Price is higher than normal total cost of meal was $124 of which $32 was for the two small glasses of wine. I would recommend this place it is good

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an01ty profile photo


305 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I started with the hot and sour soup and it was delicious. Their version has a lot more fixings in the soup which was nice and it had excellent flavor and heat. The General Tso had a spicy symbol next to it. The waiter said it wasn’t over the top spicy and he was right. Great flavor with the right amount of heat. Every piece of chicken was very tender. We sat in the back dining area which was cozy and not noisy. Our waiter was excellent. He was always smiling and on top of everything. Excellent experience.

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q2h4F profile photo


745 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

We got the beef brisket noodles and the laksa noodle. Both were very flavourful and tasty. Being Vegas it was overpriced - compared to what we would normally pay not on the strip. Thankfully the portions were big, and the beef brisket had big chunks of meat. Would I come again if I was back in Vegas? - well there's so many options that I'd try something else. Would I tell my friends to come if they're in Vegas? Probably not, as nothing was so outstanding in the way that its only available there.

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Rainbow6 profile photo


694 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The food was very underwhelming. The Dan Dan noodles were bland and not traditional. The wonton dumplings were very disappointing because they were hard- we didn't even eat them all. The braised beef soup was actually very good and traditional tasting. Many pieces of meat, though maybe too much. Everything was served fast which was nice. Overall I wouldn't go back nor recommend. There are much better options in Vegas.

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FootyFan1 profile photo


980 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The food is good here. Some dishes are way better than others. I’ve been here twice and feel like the seafood noodle soup was the most blah dish of all the ones I’ve tried before. It’s definitely made for a person that’s a safe eater and not for the adventurous type or someone who likes spice. The calamari was quite hard to bite all the way through. The schezuan dumplings were so good- they were hot and the sauce they were in was flavorful and had good texture from the fried bits of onion or shallot or garlic. I even put that sauce in my seafood soup! The Mai Tai was cheap tasting- it did the job but I’ve had better. The old fashioned was also very watered down. It wasn’t as potent as it should’ve been and they used normal chunks of ice instead of a nice big one. So again it did the job but wasn’t special at all. I rated the atmosphere low because it feels rushed when you’re dining there. It’s not a relaxing atmosphere for me.

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