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High Roller Las Vegas Ticket Options - Day, Anytime, or Happy Half Hour

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High Roller Las Vegas Ticket Options - Day, Anytime, or Happy Half Hour

Find out which ticket option is best for you before heading up 550 feet on North America's largest observation wheel.

Written by Mark Kelly on Apr 6, 2022

The High Roller is a must-do Las Vegas attraction for anyone visiting Las Vegas. Offering 360-degree views of the Vegas skyline at a max height of 550 feet, a ride on the High Roller is sure to be a Las Vegas experience you won't regret.

You can learn more about the High Roller by clicking here, but here are the basic details... The High Roller is the largest observation wheel in North America. It sits in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip as part of The Linq Promenade. The High Roller features 28 spacious and air-conditioned cabins (or pods) that slowly make the round-trip in approximately 30 minutes.

As someone who has taken the ride more than a dozen times, I have had the opportunity to experience all of the ticket options available. If you're unfamiliar, the ticket options include Day Tickets, Anytime Tickets, and Happy Half Hour Tickets. Each one has its perks and drawbacks, and you really can't go wrong with any of them, but hopefully, you will have a better understanding of which ticket is right for you after reading.

First things first, all tickets are only valid for one ride only. They are not for unlimited rides during the allotted times. Apparently, this causes some confusion amongst some visitors.

High Roller Day Tickets

The High Roller Day Tickets are the cheapest of the three options and start at $27 each. Day tickets are valid from open at 2:00 pm until 5:59 pm. The Day Ticket has two big advantages over its counterparts.

First, crowds at The High Roller are typically smaller during the day. Everyone wants to see the glimmering lights of Las Vegas shine in all their glory, so many visitors opt for the nighttime hours. This means you will likely be sharing a pod with only a few other visitors, or possibly by yourself during the weekdays.

Second, a daytime ride on The High Roller provides beautiful views of the surrounding Las Vegas valley and mountains that can't be experienced at night. The natural beauty of Las Vegas is often overshadowed by manmade resorts and attractions, but a daytime ride gives you the opportunity to witness both.

High Roller Anytime Tickets

The High Roller Anytime Tickets start at $40 per person and are valid from open at 2:00 pm to close at 11:30 pm. As stated earlier, the Anytime Ticket is good for one ride only. Anytime means you can redeem it at anytime during the day, but it does not mean you can repeatedly catch a ride with a single ticket. Although anytime tickets are valid during the daylight hours, there is no reason to pay extra for the Anytime Ticket if you plan on riding during the day.

The obvious advantage to the Anytime Ticket is the ability to view the dazzling Las Vegas lights long after the sun has set. A daytime view of Las Vegas is certainly beautiful, but it's the incredible nighttime scene of the Strip that draws millions of people to this city each year.

The High Roller is much more popular during the evening hours, so you can expect that at least a few other groups will be joining you inside the pod for your ride. That being said, the pod will not be nearly as busy when compared to a Happy Hour Ticket. As an added bonus, guests of the High Roller do have the option to purchase a drink from the fully stocked bar that is available just before entering your pod. Beers, mixed drinks, and frozen favorites are all available and can be taken on the ride.

I typically favor the Anytime Ticket because I don't have to deal with a crowded pod, I can enjoy the epic Las Vegas night views, and I can carry a cold drink in hand throughout the duration of ride. But, when I'm feeling extra social, the Happy Half Hour Ticket is the only way to go.

High Roller Happy Half Hour Tickets

At $62 per person, the Happy Half Hour Ticket is the priciest of the three options. Like the Anytime Ticket, the Happy Half Hour Ticket is good from open to close, but adds the always attractive benefit of an open bar. The open bar options include a large selection of spirits, cocktails, and domestic beers. Quick tip, do not buy a drink beforehand if you have a Happy Half Hour Ticket. Otherwise you have basically negated the whole point.

The Happy Half Hour pods are always the busiest. You can expect to share the pod with up to 24 other guests, but the number is typically closer to 12 or 15. But don't worry, these pods are quite large and comfortably accommodate all riders.

For obvious reasons, the Happy Half Hour Ticket is only available to guests 21 and up. These tickets create the perfect setting for socializing, sightseeing, and keeping your Vegas buzz without missing a beat. Unlike some "open bars" I have been to before, the bartenders on the High Roller have always been fast and attentive. You won't be waiting long at all for a new drink when your cup runs dry and you don't need to worry about feeling ripped off.  For the ultimate Las Vegas experience, the Happy Half Hour Tickets are a must.


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mrif225 Profile Photo


364 Points
Apr 8, 2022 at 10:46pm

I've ridden twice and both were the happy hour tickets. I'm sure it's still fun without the open bar, but I will continue to purchase happy hour if I go again.

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KerryC12 Profile Photo


685 Points
Apr 6, 2022 at 11:11am

Do people ever get carried away with the open bar and get overly intoxicated. Seems like that could ruin the whole time being stuck in there with them?

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