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Las Vegas has something to do for everyone. From fine art galleries to 800 feet leaps of faith, you're sure to find something that brings you back.

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5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Las Vegas
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5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

5-Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours offers a unique and awe-inspiring way to view one of the most impressive sights on earth, the Grand Canyon.

5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours
702 Helicopters Inc. Las Vegas
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702 Helicopters Inc.

Looking to add just a bit more excitement to an already exciting visit to Las Vegas? Consider taking flight in a helicopter, cruising over the city for unparalleled views.

702 Helicopters Inc.
Adventure Photo Tours Las Vegas
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Adventure Photo Tours

We all know that some of the most prized things we bring home from our vacations are the wonderful photos, precious reminders of all that we have seen and experienced.

Adventure Photo Tours
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Sevens7 profile photo


430 Points
Sevens7 left a 5 star review for Hand of Faith

2023-01-20 04:59:01

Jan 20, 2023 at 4:59am

Not something you're going to go out of your way for, but it's definitely really cool if you're passing by.

Hand of Faith
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jt44 profile photo


212 Points
jt44 left a 5 star review for Battlefield Vegas

2023-01-20 00:24:01

Jan 20, 2023 at 12:24am

I love this place! Izzy was friendly, helpful, patient, and up-lifting. Steven -- our range officer was also fantastic. Very professional, helpful, kind and informative. It is a bit pricey but they have so many unique arms to maintain that the price goes to a good cause. Great spot and you'll be a great shot!

Battlefield Vegas
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MC2904 profile photo


250 Points
MC2904 left a 4 star review for Slotzilla

2023-01-19 18:59:01

Jan 19, 2023 at 6:59pm

Ultra fun! I do this every time I go to Vegas. Only 4 stars because it seemed like the people working there could have more of a professional appearance than what I saw. If you are in charge of life safety equipment, I would like you to look more professional other than like you can't wait to get off work and go to the HIP HOP/Rock concert later.....just being honest. Also felt rushed during the pics that I prepaid for and the pics did not come out well at all. They were too bright....and the only clear pics were of us hanging on at the very end waiting to be taken off the ride. With that being said I hope improvements are made but it's still fun and I will do it again!!!

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SlyGuy profile photo


456 Points
SlyGuy left a 5 star review for Big Bus Tours

2023-01-19 10:11:01

Jan 19, 2023 at 10:11am

Loved it. Ot is a nice and safe way to see the whole city. I would certainly do it again. It does get a little crowded, I suggest staying on the bus one time around then second time around get off.

Big Bus Tours
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jedi19 profile photo


368 Points
jedi19 left a 5 star review for Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

2023-01-03 02:24:01

Jan 3, 2023 at 2:24am

I love all things Titanic, and was excited to see there was an exhibit in Vegas. I'd recommend getting the 2 exhibit deal (you get admission for Titanic and the Bodies exhibit they have there).

When you get in, they give you a "boarding pass" with the name and information of an actual Titanic passenger, and at the end of the tour you can see if "you" survived or perished.

They have some really amazing things there: coins, clothes, suitcases, dishes, and more. My favorite was the actual piece of hull they have from the Titanic- pulled from the bottom of the North Atlantic.

Overall, it was a really neat exhibit, and I'd probably go back again the next time I'm in Vegas.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
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jedi19 profile photo


368 Points
jedi19 left a 4 star review for SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

2023-01-02 10:03:01

Jan 2, 2023 at 10:03am

Wow!! What a great experience I had with my family!! Thumbs up to the staff, the staff is super helpful and friendly. Pretty much they all go out of their comfort zone and/or they really like what they do there. I took my children, they all had a great time, it was affordable for the whole family. Plan on spending at least two hours if you want a better experience. I definitely recommend doing all the extra interactions that you can pay with the tokens they are so worth it. My personal favorite was the parakeets. My daughter's was the wild kittens and pictures with a mermaid, my son's was feeding sharks and otters. Everything was great. I gave 4 stars because I can't give it like a 4.8 just because I was not able to buy food on site, so it kinda made me leave the place because everyone was hungry already lol. And then we were too tired to come back. otherwise, everything was awesome! Really nice, great place for the family.

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium
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Benji944 profile photo


438 Points
Benji944 left a 5 star review for Fountains Of Bellagio

2022-12-28 04:39:01

Dec 28, 2022 at 4:39am

The fountains are a nice, free show in between all the other madness of the strip. The lights coordinated with the music are done so well and watching the water is mesmerizing. The show starts pretty frequently, especially at night, so you can see two different songs if you're willing to wait about 15 minutes. Know that if any performers outside of the fountain ask you if you want to take a picture with them, they'll expect some monetary compensation. Highly recommend checking out the fountain at night!

Fountains Of Bellagio
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Jaden profile photo


381 Points
Jaden left a 4 star review for Cowboy Trail Rides

2022-12-27 22:02:01

Dec 27, 2022 at 10:02pm

Good experience. Enjoyed it. Good service. No complaints. Would come again. Touristy experience. Great and easy for a beginner. For an experienced rider, it's probably a bit weak.

Cowboy Trail Rides
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Rmc3 profile photo


468 Points
Rmc3 left a 5 star review for Downtown Container Park

2022-12-27 10:36:01

Dec 27, 2022 at 10:36am

Great little place. The preying mantis of course is always a sight to behold, plus inside it has a gated playground and a music stage and lawn seating in the back. If you want the full experience have a big pocket of available money for the shops and restaurants. Free to enter though so if cash is tight it's still available to enjoy.

Downtown Container Park
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