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Exotics Racing allows you to get behind the wheel of a vehicle you could previously only dream about. Exotics Racing will set you up for heart-pounding laps around their track in a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Porsche, or other supercars of your choice.

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Exotics Racing |Las Vegas Attractions

"The Ultimate Driving Experience", Exotics Racing offers an experience that will likely be the highlight of your Las Vegas vacation. Guests can experience the thrill of opening up the throttle on a number of exotic cars without the expense of actually owning one. Choose from an impressive selection of more than 50 exotic cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLaren, and Porsche, and take the wheel for 5 laps around the exclusive and custom-designed course. Looking for more than 5 laps? No problem, Exotics Racing Las Vegas offers Multiple Car Packages, Full Day Driving Experiences, VIP Packages, and Ride-Along Experiences.

But supercars aren’t the only option you can choose from. Exotics Racing also has an outdoor go-kart track where you can race against friends in an exhilarating 270 CC Go-Kart. These Go-Karts reach top speeds of 45 mph, and the 1,600 foot track includes 10 turns, double apex corners, hairpins, and more. The Go-Karts are reserved for drivers 10 years and older and 50 inches tall, but the younger kids are not left out. Exotics Racing also offers a new Junior Go-Karts experience for smaller members of the family.

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Exotics Racing Ratings & Reviews

MovieBuff2021 profile photo


603 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

It was very cool to be intimate with dream cars and to be able to sit in them and enjoy. I originally signed up to drive the Mclaren. As I’m a heavier set individual I did not fit in this vehicle as it has a full cage, racing seat and a required HANS device. When registering it should be made more clear that this is a full blown race car and you’ll probably not fit in it if your shirt size starts with a X. Not a problem though as they did have a Porsche available to drive. The processing time to actually get into the vehicle is fast and easy. The ride around in the Porsche SUV is quite fun as well. When actually on the track the amount of communication and input from the instructor really ruins the experience. When in the briefing they say that you’re allowed to really drive these cars and to really use the full RPM range of the vehicle, however, when downshifting they force you to stay in a higher gear to “preserve the cars”. They also force you to brake extremely early for corners. My assumption is that this is to ensure they can get another individual driving that car quickly without the brakes needing to cool down. They’ll mention safety being a top priority in follow up comments for critical reviewers but there is a line between ruining the enjoyment doing something that has some inherent risk and actually protecting customers. The track is technical but extremely small and the experience is over within 5-6 minutes. I didn’t feel that wonderful sense of adrenaline I typically would associate with cars of this caliber. In fact I felt downright calm. If you’re someone with zero experience driving a car at the limit, this experience will be one to remember forever. If you’ve ever tracked a car before, I’d recommend trying a different experience in Vegas.

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h1st0ry profile photo


403 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

From the well-done safety-forward training and practice laps in a Porsche SUV by George, to watching Bomack take passengers on his amazing drift ride-alongs... everyone had a smile on their face after whatever the experience was. Furthermore, Kareem did an amazing job as my instructor in the V10, Audi R8! It took a couple laps to get used to the car, but once I did it felt so spectacular! This makes me want to tell everyone about it and come back for more!

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Rainbow6 profile photo


369 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I drove the F430 with Loyd for for 11 laps and had a great time. He explained everything well and each lap I understood how to improve my lap time. The cars were beautiful and the whole process was organized, safe, and efficient. The two intro laps in the Porsche with Jason were great too. Truly driving coach professionals. This driving experience will certainly be on my must-do list for future Vegas trips.

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FullHse profile photo


264 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone. Not only is it an experience to drive these cars, but to do it on a race track is something few people will ever get the chance to do.

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DR3 profile photo


261 Points

What I Liked Most

Excellent and knowledgeable staff

What I Disliked

I’ve done a couple of these driving experiences in the past, but nothing compares to Exotics Racing. I went with the Mclaren 570 and was shocked that let me drive it as hard and fast as they did. Some of the other driving experiences I’ve dove top the speeds around 120 but I could really open it up here. Cool track too.

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