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Experience the thrill of an outdoor shooting range and the convenience of a climate-controlled setting at Shoot Las Vegas.

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Shoot Las Vegas |Las Vegas Attractions

Opened in 2012, Shoot Las Vegas was designed to be something far more than the typical indoor shooting range. Shoot Las Vegas offers outdoor shooting at still targets positioned from 25 yards to 500 yards away. Exploding targets are available, too! Firing lines are air-conditioned to ease the desert heat, even though the facility is located at an elevation 2500 feet above Las Vegas, making it 10 degrees cooler year-round.

Shoot Las Vegas offers a wide selection of guns. Choose one, or select a package of multiple weapons. Each weapon is tied to a popular movie, so peruse the cinematic posters before making a selection. So, do you want to be Rambo or Dirty Harry? 007 or Doc Holiday? The choice is yours. Shoot Las Vegas offers everything from fully automatic weapons to a simple six-shooter.

The range is open 365 days a year, and complimentary transportation is offered from hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

When you’ve finished your shooting, you can relax in the lounge or around the open-air fire pit while you wait for your friends. Shoot Las Vegas is a great place to hone your skills, or simply let loose and enjoy yourself.

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An amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone in Las Vegas who has a love for guns.

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