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Possibly the biggest adrenaline rush available in all of Las Vegas, SkyJump allows guests to take a leap of faith from 829 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

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SkyJump at The Strat Las Vegas

The view from the top of the Stratosphere Tower is quite an experience in itself. But why not take that experience a few steps further? Literally!

Join the flight club at Stratosphere’s newest adrenaline rush, SkyJump. Yes, you jump off the Stratosphere. Do you think you can handle it?! Packages start at $129.99 for just the jump with optional upgrades available, including a wristcam or photo.

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SkyJump Ratings & Reviews

T9Jackson profile photo


706 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

SkyJump in Las Vegas is definitely a fun experience, although it's not a true freefall sensation. There is some friction and it feels more like a fast rappel down. Surprisingly, it's easier to jump than expected due to the tension in the cable holding you before you make the jump. The descent gets you up to about 45 mph before coming to an abrupt stop at the bottom. Be prepared to hit the concrete and use your legs to absorb some of the impact. I witnessed one person stumble a bit upon landing, so keep your legs ready. Concerns about neck and back sensitivity were present due to some jarring movements, but overall it was relatively comfortable. The secure harness and comfortable jumpsuit helped maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the experience. Despite the wind rushing by, I didn't need glasses and could fully enjoy the descent.

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Chili8 profile photo


509 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I had such a fantastic time at SkyJump in Las Vegas! The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating when my original jump time was cancelled. They were able to reschedule me for the next day without any issues. When I arrived, I was a little nervous, but the staff made me feel at ease by chatting with me and creating a comfortable atmosphere. The jump itself was truly amazing. The view on the way down was breathtaking, and the experience felt more like a controlled descent rather than a free fall bungee jump. It's definitely a must-do activity for all adrenaline junkies out there.

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JYHancock profile photo


556 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

SkyJump in Las Vegas is a must-do experience. This was my second time participating and it was even better than the first. The staff is incredibly professional and safety-minded. A special shoutout to Jeanette, Jose, and Yamik for being so nice and accommodating. Make sure to have a reservation ahead of time and arrive punctually. This is definitely one of the best excursions to do in Vegas. Highly recommend.

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Pixel9Penguin profile photo


309 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

SkyJump in Las Vegas was a fun experience, although it wasn't exactly a freefall like I expected. There was some friction and it felt more like a fast repel down. Jumping was easier than I thought due to the tension in the cable holding you before you take the leap. The fall speeds you up to about 45 mph before stopping you abruptly at the bottom. I did notice that you need to be prepared to hit the concrete and absorb some of the impact with your legs. I saw one person trip forward upon landing, so be ready and keep your legs prepared. I was a bit worried about neck and back sensitivity, as there was some jarring motion throughout, but it was overall fairly comfortable. The harness felt secure, the jumpsuit kept me at a comfortable temperature, and I didn't need glasses to see and enjoy the descent with the wind rushing by.

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8foxyLion profile photo


362 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Absolutely fantastic experience - a must for any thrill seekers visiting Vegas! Was definitely a great way to celebrate a birthday. The pricing is very reasonable given the activity; locals get amazing discounts (alongside the thrill rides at the top as well). The staff from the ticket counter to the top platform were all very nice and helpful. Once you are at the SkyJump 'HQ' expect to wait half an hour or so depending on how many people are doing the jump and they will get you into the gear, etc. You will take the elevators up to the restaurant/inside seating area.

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r7smith profile photo


312 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Must do experience. This is the second time participating, and it was even better. Staff so professional and safety minded. Shout out to Jeanette, Jose and Yamik, for being so nice and accommodating. Please have a reservation ahead of time, and arrive on time. This is one of the best excursions to do in Vegas. Recommend.

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