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Rouge - The Sexiest Show in Vegas! Las Vegas

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Rouge - The Sexiest Show in Vegas!

ROUGE: The Sexiest Show in Vegas, is an exciting, topless spectacular and immersive sensual experience created to heat up the stage at The STRAT Theater for a unique, ravishing, and elegant theatrical experience.

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Sunday: 10:00pm

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Rouge - The Sexiest Show in Vegas

ROUGE is not just a show - it’s a journey of seduction and adult adventure designed to unleash one’s fantasies mixed with some extreme humor. We all have a fantasy - and this full-scale, erotic production will bring them to life – on stage in ONE spectacular show. The provocative cast of 18 stunningly gorgeous topless women and men will stimulate your senses, as well as please and tease your inner voyeur.

Created by Hanoch Rosènn, the man behind the hit shows Extravaganza and WOW – The Vegas Spectacular, ROUGE combines “sexpertise” with acrobats, aerialists, dancers, contortionists, comedians, hand balancers and more, while transporting audiences into a fully immersive sensual experience. This time Rosènn is pushing the envelope to create an adult playground for both the performers and audiences alike.

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BigAl5150 profile photo


West Allis, Wisconsin 215 Points

2022-09-17 11:50:58

Cm Early, And Have your Innuendo's Ready...Nurse Naughty will be expecting you. It's a great experience with professional performers that can do things you may not believe is even possible seriously. The entire show is 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆.

rugbyslz1 profile photo


446 Points

2022-05-21 21:53:56

There's no beverage service during the show, so grab a drink before it starts.

VegasGirl profile photo


Denver, CO427 Points

2022-05-04 07:36:03

The closer you can sit to the stage the better.

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Rouge - The Sexiest Show in Vegas! Ratings & Reviews

Kelsey702 profile photo


244 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

An amazing show for men, women, and couples. Entertaining and exciting for the entire duration.

No Comments Yet
USCGirl profile photo


473 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Rouge is an amazing show, especially for the money. A little bit risque, obviously, but there's so much more than just topless women. The acrobats and dancing alone make the show worth the cost of admission.

No Comments Yet
8ball profile photo

8ballLas Vegas

2610 Points

What I Liked Most

Best show for the money

What I Disliked

I've been to a lot of shows in Las Vegas and finally made it over to Rouge a few nights ago. I was very impressed the whole production. Very good looking performers, and even more importantly, very talented. You do not expect to see such a high quality production for the price and certainly don't expect to see such cool acrobatics from what I thought was just another topless show.

No Comments Yet
fireball profile photo


201 Points

What I Liked Most

Amazing Show

What I Disliked

Rouge is an amazing show that really embodies the Vegas spirit. A little bit of skin, a lot of laughs, awesome acrobatics and an affordable price. I will definitely be back.

Comments (1)
BigAl5150 profile photo

BigAl5150West Allis, Wisconsin

215 Points

What I Liked Most

Nurse Naughty and the Announcer guy really made the show what it is...they greeted the crowd said Happy Birthday to myself and a few other guests and You can tell they put there heart into there job.

What I Disliked

Nothing to Dislike, Get there early for good seats.

The performances are top Notch. It's amazing the strength of both the men and women that perform. They really go all out and bring it.

Comments (1)
Sak32 profile photo


223 Points

What I Liked Most

Exciting from start to finish

What I Disliked

Excellent performance from start to finish. All of the actors are super talented and offer much more than your typical burlesque show.

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