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Rouge - The Sexiest Show in Vegas!

ROUGE: The Sexiest Show in Vegas, is an exciting, topless spectacular and immersive sensual experience created to heat up the stage at The STRAT Theater for a unique, ravishing, and elegant theatrical experience.

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Rouge - The Sexiest Show in Vegas

ROUGE is not just a show - it’s a journey of seduction and adult adventure designed to unleash one’s fantasies mixed with some extreme humor. We all have a fantasy - and this full-scale, erotic production will bring them to life – on stage in ONE spectacular show. The provocative cast of 18 stunningly gorgeous topless women and men will stimulate your senses, as well as please and tease your inner voyeur.

Created by Hanoch Rosènn, the man behind the hit shows Extravaganza and WOW – The Vegas Spectacular, ROUGE combines “sexpertise” with acrobats, aerialists, dancers, contortionists, comedians, hand balancers and more, while transporting audiences into a fully immersive sensual experience. This time Rosènn is pushing the envelope to create an adult playground for both the performers and audiences alike.

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BigAl5150 profile photo


West Allis, Wisconsin 215 Points

2022-09-17 11:50:58

Cm Early, And Have your Innuendo's Ready...Nurse Naughty will be expecting you. It's a great experience with professional performers that can do things you may not believe is even possible seriously. The entire show is 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆.

rugbyslz1 profile photo


446 Points

2022-05-21 21:53:56

There's no beverage service during the show, so grab a drink before it starts.

VegasGirl profile photo


Denver, CO427 Points

2022-05-04 07:36:03

The closer you can sit to the stage the better.

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Rouge - The Sexiest Show in Vegas! Ratings & Reviews

sunshine14 profile photo


358 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Check-in was slow, even at midnight. The automated check-in is useless... doesn't work, glitches. The front desk staff & back of the house cleaning crew is friendly enough. The bed and pillows are clean and comfortable. Now, the carpet- it is scary. I recommend using house shoes or flip flops. It just looks dirty, old, and it is frayed. I asked 3 times to get a working coffee machine before I got one .. plus, the previous guest's pod was left in the machine! Wow. The sink handle was broken and never fixed during the stay. I got cold water only. The sink's drain was also broken and just a hole. It was reported & never fixed. The non carpeted floor area is buckling. No hair dryer or ironing board. There is a safe & refrigerator that works very well. It will freeze your food and drinks if you don't watch it. I asked for a quiet room, and thankfully got one. I hope there is not a generic, lip service reply from the property & these basic issues are addressed.

No Comments Yet
rainbow13 profile photo


511 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Although we had trouble initially with our room smelling of smoke. The management staff provided us with excellent customer service and took our concerns seriously, we are very grateful for their efforts to make our stay comfortable. There are fees included for the stay and you have to pay for a parking pass separately from room fees. There’s also a McDonald’s and more food options on the R level. The location is far from the strip.

No Comments Yet
DIY4Ever profile photo


736 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This place was genuinely incredible, the rooms were very good quality, the staff were super nice, and the view from the top of the tower was amazing. I highly recommend staying here it is super cheap for something magnificent. It had its own indoor mall and even record breaking rides at the top. This place deserves more credit, also something I will say is that they need more staff at the counters

No Comments Yet
lucky777 profile photo


719 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This 3-star hotel is located at the North End of the Strip. Their Casino games area size is comparable to the other strip casinos. The biggest tourist attraction in the hotel is the Strat Tower. It presents stunning views of Las Vegas. A unique aspect of the Tower is it also allows visitors to go to the open deck where one can view Las Vegas from the highest tower. We visited the Tower at both daytime and nighttime.

No Comments Yet
swoop3r profile photo


1020 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Can’t say anything about the hotel or casino, but the tower is a must see. The view at night is gorgeous, I could stay up there and hang out forever. Restaurant and food/drink options at the top too. Can go out on the balcony outside area or stay inside if you’re wary of heights. Still a good view.

No Comments Yet
4winz profile photo


827 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

It's cool as an attraction itself but be prepared that you can't do anything without paying money for it. We just wanted to go to the observation deck to look at the city but it was 50$ for two of us so we opted out. We were greatful for the 24/ 7 McDonald's and the hot shower but the firm bed and outdated room (thin walls neighbors woke us up just talking at a normal volume in the neighboring room) and people standing around aggressively trying to sell you time shares and other weird stuff completely turned me off to this place. BUT I would like to highlight the front desk and concierge staff they were phenomenal helpful and friendly.

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