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Tennis at Westgate Las Vegas Resort Las Vegas

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Tennis at Westgate Las Vegas Resort

Reserve one of six tennis courts at Westgate Las Vegas and ensure your tennis game stays on point while enjoying your vacation. Rental equipment is available and court usage is by reservation only.

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Tennis at Westgate Las Vegas Resort |Las Vegas Attractions

Reserve one of six tennis courts at Westgate Las Vegas and ensure your tennis game stays on point while enjoying your vacation. Rental equipment is available and court usage is by reservation only.

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Tennis at Westgate Las Vegas Resort Ratings & Reviews

b1gF4n profile photo


462 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Hands down the worst hotel experiences in Las Vegas. Here is the story of my four nights stay: Day 1- I checked in and was assigned a room that was not clean. There was human waste on toilet seat. I went right back to check in desk and was ambushed by timeshare sales making it sound like they are offering apology and a $100 visa gift card which turned out to be a trap for timeshare sales pitch. They eventually assigned new room as if it was a routine to have dirty rooms assigned. No apologies or comp of any kind. Day 2-room was cleaned. Day 3- The room was not serviced and by the time I came back it was too late to clean. Day 4- Room was not cleaned again. Upon complaint, I was offered a $45 resort fee waiver as a comp and refusal to believe or check to see if the room was cleaned by the manager. Avoid staying at this facility at all cost!

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Maverick89 profile photo


317 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Our rooms were disgusting oil stains on curtains and what looked like dried boogers on our sheets. The first night we had absolutely no water, the other room we got they found make up brushes that were not ours! and razors!!! from the previous people before us. House keeping went into our room and didn’t get the trash by the door and only made our bed didnt change any of the disgusting sheets. We wrote a complaint and did not receive anything like no one cared… We were promised 100$ gift cards for listening to the timeshare which was on a birthday that we were celebrating the whole reason for our trip and it took 4 1/2 hours when we should’ve been celebrating. 12-4:30 pm. and we’re told that they were grabbing our cards and yet we were shown out. I will NEVER stay here again and advise others to not. We got nothing we were promised and no one there cared enough to figure anything out. upon leaving we requested a bell hop cart to help us get our things down to the car, the lady who helped us was not nice at all we asked her to meet us up front so we can pull out money to tip her and she continued saying that we were not going to meet her up front then said happy new years to me in a very rude tone. We all honestly feel as though a half refund or something should’ve been aligned. we were treated horribly.

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B3atF4n profile photo


987 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I needed a place to stay last minute and I found a great deal here so I stayed for 4 nights and was pleasantly surprised, but with a few minor issues. Overall my experience was good, very friendly staff, easy to check in and out, and plenty of options downstairs for food, gaming, and shopping. I loved the cafe that was open 24hrs, so I could get snacks, coffee, or drinks anytime. The sushi place was great for a small place, fairly priced and good quality. Same with the Italian restaurant, I would definitely recommend either. In fact the sports booking bar and grill had an excellent burger, I got it twice while I stayed it was so good. My only issue was the room was slightly dated, no microwave, but bed was comfy and room was clean. The shower occasionally made a rattling noise, I assume there was a loose bracket in the wall that prevented the pipe from rattling. Overall good place for the money and close to strip.

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MickeyFan8 profile photo


1180 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

We were on the central tower, floor 17. The room was marginal at best. There were crumbs on the floor, 1 bedside lamp appeared to be broken, and little piles of "stuff" on the corners of the bathroom. If you are over 5'5 you will have to duck down to get under the shower head but it had good pressure and was hot. The bed was comfy. The view was great. The blackout curtains were excellent. Great food options. Air worked great.

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SportyFan profile photo


818 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This is the most mid range experience I've had in a long time. The hotel itself is mostly fine and extremely convenient for the convention center (which is what we need). The staff were nice aside from the welcome desk staff who tried to rope us into a timeshare presentation when we asked how to get our key fixed due to it not letting us in after checking in. That soured the mood quite a bit. The room itself was Fine. It was big, the view was okay, and the beds were decent. The bathroom needs a lot of work. The door to the bathroom had two different color knobs and the emergency sprinkler was rusted. The restaurants are actually a bright spot. Sid's Cafe is basically where we ate the entire time because the cost to portion ratio was great and the food was good. The quick service pizza/burger/taco place was fine and about what you'd expect. The Italian restaurant was also quite good but was one of the pricier spots. Overall, if not for the proximity to the convention center, I'd have stayed elsewhere. The price I paid was far too high for what we got and trying to get scammed into a timeshare when we needed help was just atrocious. But if you have to stay here for a convention, you may as well.

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SportsFan91 profile photo


1113 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

It's been a while since I've stayed at the Westgate but I was very happy with my stay last weekend! They're refurbishing the rooms and I had one of the new ones. I liked that the food court and poker room are along the back of the sportsbook. And I'm so happy they've kept the original ceiling in the main casino. I've been going to Vegas for nearly 40 years and it feels good to visit a place from the city's past that hasn't been blown up or redone.

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