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Volcano At The Mirage

One of the best free shows in Las Vegas, The Volcano at The Mirage is a can't miss Las Vegas attraction. Because the show takes place several times each night, visitors to Las Vegas have no excuse for missing this heart-pounding performance.

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Shows start nightly at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, and 11pm


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Volcano At The Mirage |Las Vegas Attractions

As the evening sun begins to sink below the horizon, The Volcano at The Mirage assumes the responsibility of lighting up the Las Vegas strip. Each hour, hundreds of visitors line the streets to witness what Las Vegas Weekly calls the "Best Manmade Wonder." This intense display will sweep you away to a tropical jungle filled with conga drums, fire, and a dangerous erupting volcano. Although the volcano can be viewed from nearly anywhere on the strip, arrive early and take the time to locate a good spot... We guarantee it will be a wise decision.

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Volcano At The Mirage Ratings & Reviews

Gam3RluCKy profile photo


707 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

While I wish to leave a positive review, my stay unfortunately fell short of expectations in several areas. The behavior of the front desk representatives was quite surprising; their attitude did not align with the standard expected of service representatives. I hope these points can aid in your decision-making when selecting a hotel in Las Vegas. Parking Charges: Upon check-in, I was charged for parking despite the availability of an open and free parking lot. Regardless of explanations given, the receptionists seemed disengaged and persisted in charging for parking. Check-in Process: Despite having provided all necessary information during booking, the check-in process took over 20 minutes. The staff's actions were unclear, leaving guests waiting, and the self-check-in via phone did not function properly. Check-out Experience: During check-out, I was questioned about the items in the minibar. Simply opening the refrigerator to inspect a drink led to a warning that touching any minibar item, even without use, would result in a charge. This policy seemed unreasonable and rushed. Customer Service Response: When attempting to dispute the parking charge, the representative threatened to involve security if I persisted in arguing. Only upon requesting to speak with a manager did the representative relent and waive the parking fee. I sincerely hope these insights contribute to improvements in service and help future guests in their decision-making process.

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u3n1x profile photo


516 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The Mirage is a great hotel and I will be sad to see it go. It’s the perfect size compared to other hotels on the strip. It’s not huge that you will get lost in and easy to navigate. Also great location in relation to everything else on the strip. My only complaint would be that I wish they had more food options opened later than 11:30pm.

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4winz profile photo


827 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

We stayed there for thankful only 1 night. The room had a scent of standing water and perhaps mold. As we spent little time in the room except to sleep, we did not raise it with the staff until checkout. The staff noted the issue upon checkout but did not appear to be concerned, genuinely sympathetic or surprised by our report. The attendant made a note on a piece of paper and that was that. Very glad we moved to the Venetian for the balance of the stay, a completely different and better experience.

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BoardGamer19 profile photo


630 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

We recently stayed at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas for three nights with our children. Our experience was largely positive. The rooms were clean and nicely furnished, and the pools and other facilities were great, which was a hit with the kids. Additionally, we appreciated that they offered free parking for guests on Wednesday and Thursday, which was a nice bonus. My only suggestion for improvement would be to offer complimentary hot drinks in the room and include breakfast as part of the stay. These small touches would make a big difference in the overall experience and would be greatly appreciated by families like ours. Overall, we had a wonderful stay at The Mirage and would recommend it to other families traveling to Las Vegas. The facilities are excellent, and with a few small additions, it could be perfect.

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Dugout313 profile photo


1074 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Can't add a rating for the rooms because my wife and I didn't stay at this hotel. We visited the casino and explored the hotel as much as we could. Everyone that works there was polite and pleasant to us. We went to see the volcano show. It was awesome! If you get a chance to stay there or visit, do it now..hotel was sold and it is being turned into something else. 😔 it's an original on the strip and considered a classic by many

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B1gSw1ng profile photo


946 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This is our favorite hotel and casino. Our first visit was in February 2000. The staff has always been helpful and generous with us. We met an employee named Mily and always go through her when we checked in. The rooms are always clean with great views. Housekeeping is the best, and we tip them each day. If you need anything in your room, they will ensure you get it. I can't wait until the Mirage transition to the Hard Rock. It will only get better. The only sad thing about the transition is the destruction of the volcano. Visitors around the world come to Las Vegas to see the Mirage Volcano display. We will continue to stay at the Mirage/Hard Rock until we can no longer do so.

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