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Commonwealth at Downtown Las Vegas

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Commonwealth, a magnificent drinking, dancing, and music venue, is located at the epicenter of the trendy Fremont East neighborhood.

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Commonwealth in Downtown Las Vegas

Commonwealth Las Vegas is a neighborhood bar for locals and visitors alike. But the term bar simply doesn’t say enough about this establishment. Far more than just a local watering hole, Commonwealth is a place where neighbors and travelers share a drink and an experience. Commonwealth comprises 6,000 square of space on two levels. The fabulous rooftop deck contains a small dance floor that caters to music lovers of all kinds and boasts a great view of the Fremont Street Experience. The main floor decor consists of elegant crystal chandeliers illuminating bare brick walls, and it all works beautifully together, creating an aura of timeworn sophistication. The cocktails are beautifully crafted and cleverly named. Who could resist trying a Willy Wonka’s Hangover? Or a Pleasure Fist? Commonwealth proudly proclaims that it exists for the good of the community, and you’ll probably agree.

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Commonwealth Ratings & Reviews

v3C8n profile photo


453 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

You have to check out Commonwealth! The DJ was incredible and the atmosphere was wild. The staff could use some improvement, but overall it's a fun spot, especially during Halloween season. I'll definitely be returning.

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Balti7Sea profile photo


409 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Commonwealth in Las Vegas is truly a standout destination in downtown. It has quickly become one of my favorite spots to visit. The diverse range of music genres that fill the air both on the lively roof deck and in the welcoming downstairs area adds to the establishment's unique appeal. The outstanding service provided by Malik truly embodies Commonwealth's dedication to excellence. During a recent visit, I mentioned that my sister was in town celebrating her birthday, and Malik went above and beyond to make her day special. He placed us on the guest list for the highly anticipated We All Scream event, which was a perfect match for my sister's birthday celebrations. This level of personalized service truly sets Commonwealth apart, making it a venue that goes the extra mile to accommodate the preferences and special occasions of its guests.

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Crave6T profile photo


356 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Visited Commonwealth during my last trip to Vegas with some friends and had an amazing experience! The atmosphere truly encapsulates that of a genuine underground speakeasy. From the live music to the custom-crafted drinks, every detail was spot on. A definite must-visit that is completely worth it!

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TravelBug1 profile photo


466 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I went to this speakeasy last time I was in Vegas with friends and it was unforgettable! The way they captured the spirit of an authentic underground speakeasy is incredible. The live music, the unique drinks made for each individual and the whole vibe is perfect. Absolutely a must and 100% worth going to!

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eXplore7 profile photo


420 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

You Want to Get In Here ! The Dj Sounded amazing. I just can’t agree on the treatment of staff. . wild ! It’s Fremont they get a lot of crazy! ….also it’s Halloween season .. just do better I’ll be back !

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Blue21 profile photo


775 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I can’t with the people commenting here. Someone commented “the worst nightclub experience I ever had”. First of all, this is not a nightclub - It’s a BAR. Second, no one dances on the “dance floor”. I’m glad security stopped you 😂 saved you from being on social media. Someone else commented that “she hated this place” because she could hear the music from her hotel room 😂 if your hotel is not properly built, don’t blame this bar for it. This is Las Vegas. You chose the wrong city. Someone claiming they stole their credit card and commented on two different accounts. Bar owner responded to their comments. And I would agree with their response, customers never mentioned the credit card getting overcharged. Takes a few clicks to block the card and most banks will protect you from fraudulent charges. It’s not worth it to get fired or penalized for stealing some kids credit card. Last but not least, the one where his brother had a drink. Your “little brother” is 17. Be glad they let him in!! 😂😂😂 Will be visiting this weekend!

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