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Electra Cocktail Club at The Palazzo Las Vegas

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Electra Cocktail Club

The future of nightlife is at Electra Cocktail Club, an inventive collision of energy and style. Electra completes the trinity that is The Cocktail Collective, comprised of the sophisticated Dorsey, the romantic Rosina, and now Electra.

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Electra Cocktail Club at The Palazzo Las Vegas

Electra Cocktail Club is a high-energy lounge located on the casino floor at The Palazzo Las Vegas. The focal point of Electra Cocktail Club is a digital display spanning 40 feet and featuring original art in a mind-blowing 70 million pixels and more than one billion colors. This visual canvas, the highest resolution video display in Las Vegas, features a curated selection of art providing storylines that unfold throughout the evening.

Electra’s back bar features a diverse selection of spirits with a focus on rums, agricoles, and mezcals. Like the menus at The Dorsey and Rosina, Electra’s offerings were conceived by noted barman Sam Ross and feature cocktails that are both imaginative and playful with a bend toward the tropical.

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Electra Cocktail Club Ratings & Reviews

Drinker1992 profile photo


350 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Maybe I caught it on a bad night, but it was a little dead inside and the drinks were way overpriced for the taste.

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Yip profile photo


484 Points

What I Liked Most

Great drinks and service

What I Disliked

Passed by Electra while walking through The Venetian casino. We figured we would stay for a few minutes and ended up spending nearly 3 hours. The drinks were delicious and the service was top notch. It also helped that everyone sitting at the bar was super friendly.

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702girl profile photo


631 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Electra is a fun place to stop by if you're passing by, but I hear a lot of people act like it's just amazing and I don't really get it. I can stop in and enjoy a drink or two, but then I'm ready to leave.

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