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Veranda Bar at Four Seasons Las Vegas

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Veranda Bar

The Veranda Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel offers an oasis of elegance on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

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Veranda Bar at Four Seasons Las Vegas

By day, the floor to ceiling windows at Veranda Bar let in a flood of light, making the Veranda Bar a warm and welcoming experience. At night, the atmosphere turns cozier, with candlelit tables and comfortable lounge seating. An array of wines and specialty cocktails only add to the pleasure. The Veranda Bar at Four Seasons Las Vegas offers a selection of small plates to accompany your libation. Happy hour is daily from 5 PM to 7 PM, with $7 drinks and $7 appetizers, when you can experience elegance, comfort, and a good drink at a bargain price. Not something to pass up on the Las Vegas Strip!

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406 Points

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We opted for the weekend brunch buffet and oh boy it did not disappoint. Arrived half an hour early because I missed the time when I looked it up, but even then we were seated and they had no issue with us waiting. They were more than happy to start us on drinks. The buffet itself was fantastic. They had a nice assortment of different breakfast options. From your traditional eggs, potatoes, breakfast meats, to some dim sum options and grilled salmon. Loved the prawn cocktail, mini avocado toast, and fresh mozzarella salad. Chicken and waffles, chilaquiles... The list goes on. They even have an omelette station and a mini donut station where they were coming out fresh. The service was phenomenal from the get go. Javier took really great care of us, he is fantastic and it would be a privilege to have him serve you. Along with the rest of the waiters and bussers, this makes it an overall unforgettable experience. Hidden inside the four seasons hotel. Would definitely return when I make another trip to Vegas.

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P0kerPro profile photo


607 Points

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We came for Las Vegas restaurant week and ordered the special set menu. It was a smoked peach and burrata salad, butter poached halibut, and an olive oil cake. We absolutely loved it, everything was a delight. Our single complaint was that the cake was a bit dry, but our satisfaction in the meal as a whole was 100. Take a look at the pics, everything was as good as it looks. Hope to be back soon!

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487 Points

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This great restaurant, located within the Four Seasons down by the pool. Veranda offers a verity of delicious breakfasts. It's definitely not cheap, but the food is great and the serene scenery away from the noisy strip, is a great way to start the day.

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