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Drai's Nightclub at The Cromwell Las Vegas

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Drai's Nightclub

High above the Las Vegas Strip atop the luxurious Cromwell Hotel, Drai's Nightclub is a big party with an exclusive aura.

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Drai's Nightclub at The Cromwell Las Vegas

Drai’s has been on top of its game for over ten years and shows no sign of slowing down. With over 70,000 square feet of space, the venue has over 150 VIP tables offering bottle service and a true VIP experience. World-class DJs set the tone with a selection of hip-hop and EDM to get you on your feet and in the party. Names like 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, and Nelly are just a few of the artists you may find in the DJ booth on any given night. No matter how cool the weather gets, the action is always hot at Drai’s.

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gReg2 profile photo


364 Points

2023-03-23 12:02:51

Get on the guest list or get here early if you don't want to be waiting in line for hours.

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Drai's Nightclub Ratings & Reviews

Do profile photo


200 Points

What I Liked Most

If you are not VIP this will ruin your Vegas Experience

What I Disliked


DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR VIP. They treat everyone else like kids. Made me through my fan away, bartenders are rude, the most overpriced drinks in America. 2 drinks 85! They have more rules than a church. I hate this place!!!!! I will never come back. They literally had a start time of 11pm, we left at 2:30 without seeing any of the artist we paid to see. Who has people waiting 3 1/2 hours standing telling you, you can’t take off your shows, you can’t have a light on your camera, you can’t stand here or there. I’ve spent 200 bucks, wtf can I do? I may not be rich but I deserve great service as well. This place is the most overpriced and underwhelming venue I’ve ever been to.

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Berry6 profile photo


621 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Superb club for an amazing party! Excellent location with stunning views on the Strip and Bellagio Fountains! Pools with dancers and excellent DJ! Great staff and tasty cocktails! The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire (at Drai's).

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Lucky4Ever profile photo


356 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Drai's proved to be an unforgettable experience! The night reached its pinnacle with Rick Ross, who truly brought the house down with an electrifying performance. The atmosphere was nothing short of fantastic, creating a vibrant and energetic backdrop for an incredible night out. The impeccably dressed crowd added a touch of class to the venue, making it a perfect blend of sophistication and fun. Drai's is undeniably a must-visit for anyone seeking a classy and thrilling night in Vegas!

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J4ckpotWinner profile photo


995 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Hector, the amazing event organizer, crossed paths with us at the Drais pool, where he graciously offered his assistance in orchestrating a remarkable birthday extravaganza for my beloved girlfriend at the renowned Drais nightclub. His exceptional service surpassed all expectations as he skillfully guided us through the planning process, ensuring every detail was flawlessly executed. With his expertise, we secured a dancefloor table, while the prices of bottles may be on the higher side, it was expected. Hector even went the extra mile by capturing unforgettable moments and displaying them on the vibrant LED screens, adding an extra touch of magic to the night.

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AstroG33k profile photo


873 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Fun place! They have pools but not for night use. Lots of stairs, hard to navigate in heels while drinking. Lots of women's stalls. Great dance floor

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FutbolFan9 profile photo


684 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

It’s an okay club, but definitely overhyped. The ambiance is nice, bathrooms were clean, the stage gets crowded during performances but it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t hot either so that was great! The dancers were exciting at first then got boring after an hour or so. The dj was the worst part of the whole experience. The music consisted mostly of throwbacks that did not set the vibe for a Cardi performance and he kept playing the same four or five songs. Every 30 minutes or so he’d talk about Cardi being in the building and continue to play the same type of music. Cardi didn’t come out until 3am and there was whispers that security wasn’t ready for her to get on the stage. That lasted about 30 minutes. Even she was irritated by the dj cause he kept interrupting and cutting in and out at the wrong time. I’d suggest bringing a change of shoes or you won’t feel your feet for the next day or in my case four. They say you can wear sandals but to me they were very picky and choosy about who could wear what and I’d rather be safe. After Cardi performed the majority of us at the stage left. We were told to take the stairs (instead of the elevator they had us come up in) after standing for 4 hours straight (no breaks) to walk down flights of stairs from the rooftop. One lady fell out and was stuck slanted down the stairs. I wouldn’t do it again without a section but even then I don’t do hard drugs to stay lit and feel the music anyway. It was nice seeing Cardi though!

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