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Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Las Vegas

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Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

World-famous Nathan Burton performs his family-friendly comedy magic acts Tuesday through Sunday at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

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Planet Hollywood


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Sunday: 4:00pm

Monday: Dark

Tuesday: 4:00pm

Wednesday: 4:00pm

Thursday: 4:00pm

Friday: 4:00pm

Saturday: 4:00pm

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(702) 260-7200


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Nathan Burton Comedy Magic | Las Vegas Shows

From mind-boggling illusions to interactive sleight of hand, Nathan Burton delights audiences with a family-friendly performance at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. The tricks, big and small keep coming at a rapid-fire pace. You likely won’t know whether to gasp in awe, squeal with delight, or laugh out loud. Do all three, nobody will care, and you won’t be the only one who does.

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LOVED THE SHOW!! Funny, magical, personal! I will say however, it was very disappointing to see so many audience members not give these hard working performers the applause they deserve! Live performances are a two way street! Thank you to Mr Burton and his entire family/crew!!

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