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Briggs Oyster Co. at Suncoast Las Vegas

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Briggs Oyster Co.

Enjoy delectable seafood favorites in a cozy and inviting atmosphere at Briggs Oyster Co at Suncoast Las Vegas. Favorites include the signature lobster roll, seafood Cobb salad, and the delicious pan-seared bistro steak.

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Briggs Oyster Co. | Las Vegas Restaurants

Enjoy delectable seafood favorites in a cozy and inviting atmosphere at Briggs Oyster Co at Suncoast Las Vegas. Favorites include the signature lobster roll, seafood Cobb salad, and the delicious pan-seared bistro steak. Watch as chefs prepare your meal right in front of your eyes and be in awe of the speedy and attentive service you are sure to receive.

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Briggs Oyster Co. Ratings & Reviews

Gastronum8 profile photo


206 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The oysters at Briggs Oyster Co. in Las Vegas are incredibly fresh and delicious. Their sushi rolls are also very tasty. The service is top-notch and the seafood ceviche is excellent. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting, and they even serve a nice little bread basket before your meal. Overall, it's a fun place to dine.

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trev36 profile photo


558 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Very tasty fresh oysters. Good sushi rolls. Great service. Excellent seafood ceviche. Nice comfortable atmosphere. A nice little bread basket was served before our meal. Fun place!

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Parker20 profile photo


303 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Food was good, the service was absolutely terrible. We had Jonathan as our server. My step dad asked if they had smaller bowls of clam chowder, and Jonathan said they only have one size and it can be split. My step dad was asking if anyone wanted to share with him, and I was only getting the clam chowder so I told my step dad I was hoping to get my own bowl because it was the only thing I was ordering. At this point, Jonathan rudely interjected and said “Well it’s a big bowl.” I shouldn’t have to explain myself for wanting my own bowl of clam chowder, especially when I was speaking to my family and not him in that moment. As we continued to eat, my parents asked for some extra of the brown oat rolls (they have a variety of rolls and they liked those the best). To this Jonathan responded, “Finish what you have first.” When they said they were hoping to get the brown rolls specifically, he pointed to the different type of roll and said “You have two more right there.” He left without saying anything and then returned a few minutes later with a basket of the rolls they wanted and plopped them on the table without saying anything. It’s fine if that’s the rule, but don’t treat your customers like they’re children. Not to mention he walked by our table multiple times to check on other tables, only rarely stopping by ours. This place has always been one of my favorites, but the food is not worth having a the terrible service.

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Sunny2021 profile photo


877 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Great food, massive portions, almost no wait time (especially compared to the Strip location!). The Alaskan chowder is phenomenal, as is the pan roast, bouillabaisse, and Linguine shrimp scampini. Definitely enough food to eat the leftovers for lunch!

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catchy15 profile photo


1130 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Absolutely love this place! Everything is always fresh. The staff is so friendly. I usually don’t like sitting at the counters in restaurants but I always do here. They make you feel welcome everyone. The food has never disappointed. We highly recommend trying everything 😊 the sushi here is my favorite.

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B3tP0kR profile photo


734 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

So this place is inside Suncoast hotel & casino. They often have a $1 oyster promo on Thursday's. Husband and I also tried one of the sushi rolls and the lobster mac & cheese. We were offered bread & butter while our food was being prepared... Cute place with foodie decor.... The staff was nice & attentive. The food was ok but not my go to choice for oysters or sushi. Just well enough if you were staying as a hotel guest...

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