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The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station at Santa Fe Station Las Vegas

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The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station

Delicious seafood favorites, including King Crab Legs, Mediterranean Bass, and lobster tails can all be found when visiting The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station.

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Santa Fe Station

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The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station | Las Vegas Restaurants

Delicious seafood favorites, including King Crab Legs, Mediterranean Bass, and lobster tails can all be found when visiting The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station.

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The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station Ratings & Reviews

Sk8er21 profile photo


450 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Visited The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station in early June. Located in the Santa Fe Station Resort and Casino, this place is known for minimal waiting time. I went for lunch on a weekday and tried the seafood pan roast, which did not disappoint. It came with a scoop of rice, but the waitress suggested adding sourdough bread to soak up the soup as well. Good tip! Despite being a bit out of the way, it was definitely worth the visit. đź‘Ť

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Rain47 profile photo


200 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I have visited several oyster bars in Las Vegas, and unfortunately, The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station didn't quite meet my expectations. The oysters were not impressive compared to other places I have tried. The non-oyster dishes were average, not particularly outstanding but not bad either. However, the cleanliness of the establishment stood out, making it superior to other oyster bars. Additionally, there was no wait time, which made the visit more convenient. Although the food didn't impress me, the overall cleanliness and efficient service made the experience decent.

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T4ngoSpark profile photo


453 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

UPDATE: After my initial visit, this place left such a lasting impression that I wanted to visit again and try something else on the menu. I stopped in and tried the House Etouffée (picture added). I ordered it at a 5-heat level (scale of 1-10) and it came out perfect. Although this entrée was magnificent, I will most likely go back to the gumbo because I'm a huge fan of okra! Or maybe I'll just order the Etouffée with okra next time? Who knows...still highly recommend this place to everyone! I've never been a fan of going to a restaurant that is always busy because nine times out of ten, you're going to wait a while to get seated. I've been coming to Santa Fe Station for years, along with other Station properties and have been wanting to try this place for a while, but since it's always busy and the fact that I'm an impatient person, I never wanted to wait around to try it - plus, I get "hangry" symptoms often. The opportunity to try this restaurant for the first time for my wife and I had finally arrived (spur of the moment during late hours, in the middle of a work week). The restaurant wasn't busy at all (that one out of ten moment) so we were able to get seated right away. One of the biggest downfall to this restaurant, along with other restaurants located in a casino, is dealing with the smell of cigarette/cigar smoke in the air while you're eating. Although, a lot of people probably don't mind that, I'm not a fan of it. And yes, I am fully aware that I am eating inside a casino, but I am also aware that there are other restaurants in this city that don't have the same issue and are also located inside a casino. We ended up ordering the 1/2 Dozen Gulf Oysters on the Half Shell, Warm Sourdough Bread Basket and Butter, Cup of New England Clam Chowder, House Gumbo, and Lobster Pan Roast. Everything was cooked to perfection! I especially enjoyed my entrée (House Gumbo), the flavor profile was impeccable and the spice level (6/10) was perfect. I was a little concerned on having to purchase a bread basket considering most places provide that complimentary. However, when you consider the price of it, it definitely doesn't break the bank. Plus, most people spend that $1.99 on unnecessary things so people shouldn't complain all that much. And if you're a gambler, you really have no room to complain. The service provided by our server, Ruth, along with the staff on shift (cleaning tables, cooking, etc.) were phenomenal. Additionally, the price-to-quantity/quality ratio was adequate...definitely can't complain about the prices considering inflation and what you would pay on the strip. If you haven't been here yet, I highly recommend you visit soon!

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b33rFan profile photo


306 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

In A Nutshell: -The Oyster Bar inside the Santa Fe Casino (same umbrella as Red Rock Casino) is just okay. -I should probably try a few more dishes for an updated review. -However, I am reviewing their Seafood Jackpot for $60.99. -It's not worth $60.99, but I was lucky I didn't have to pay for it since we were comped. -It's a large, beautiful appetizer. -The steamer clams were really, really tasty, those are $17.99 & worth it, however, you don't get free bread to dip in the tasty broth. -If you order bread it's $1.99, not expensive, but I'm not paying for bread. Overall, the service was very good here, so I tipped well.

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SluggerMVP profile photo


826 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This place was bomb! So good! There is plenty of seating area right off the casino floor. I ordered the day's special Voodoo Pasta, and my friend ordered the Shrimp Pan Roast. All the food was amazing. I definitely plan to make this a weekly visit. Lastly, you got to wash everything down with a bloody mary oyster shooter! Cheers!

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Flirty9 profile photo


767 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Never fails to be an amazing experience! Love what they have done with the little renovation added more table so less wait. Oysters were so fresh and delicious. Pam roast is a must if you come! Large serving you can share! That’s what we always do! Seriously try the monkey bread pudding it is fantastic. Plus service was on top notch.

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