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The Buffet at Luxor

Everyone is sure to find something they love at The Buffet at Luxor Las Vegas. Offering a 30-foot salad bar, pizza station, two carving stations, and more, The Buffet at Luxor is one of the best values on the Strip.

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The Buffet at Luxor | Las Vegas Restaurants

Everyone is sure to find something they love at The Buffet at Luxor Las Vegas. Offering a 30-foot salad bar, pizza station, two carving stations, and more, The Buffet at Luxor is one of the best values on the Strip.

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The Buffet at Luxor Ratings & Reviews

Rush4Ever profile photo


200 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

During our Thanksgiving stay at Luxor, we decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner at The Buffet. The setup was nice, but I think having the sides closer to the carving station for turkey dinner would have been more convenient. The buffet was quite busy and I had to wait in line for over 25 minutes to get turkey and ham, even though they had two carving stations. The servers and staff were friendly and efficient, which was a plus. While dining, I was approached by two chefs who asked me about my opinions as a chef myself. I shared some feedback with them and even left my contact information, but unfortunately, I never heard back from them. Overall, the buffet had a good variety of options, with highlights being the ham, hand-carved beef, and turkey. However, I was disappointed by the quality of some dishes like the frozen mixed vegetables and stuffing. The lobster ravioli stood out as a more successful choice. Although the buffet showcased many options, there is definitely room for improvement in terms of food quality and flavors. After our experiences at Luxor's dining establishments, we have decided to change motels in the future in hopes of finding better food quality.

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TravelBug1 profile photo


463 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

It's a great presentation and creative design to the space but the actual food is on pace with an Old Country Buffet...maybe behind them. I paid $31 for lunch/breakfast on a Thursday. I enjoyed the ham, turkey was dry and the beef was chewy. Salad bar was solid. Service was fine but all they really do is clear your old plate. I wouldn't go back for this dull eating experience.

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jazzy7 profile photo


256 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I loved my experience here! The food that I got was well above a normal buffet chain, unlike other reviews. Perhaps things are better mid-week. I'm not coming for gourmet food but the experience, and the theming here is exceptional! Exponentially beyond the buffet at New York-New York which literally did look like a normal restaurant. Sooo glad I passed on that one. Very pleased with the beef roast which was thick and juicy, and just freshly done. Gave me a huge slice. Salad was great too! Fancy cut veggies are a nice touch. I also got the "unlimited" mimosas and the bartender was very personable. And decently strong drinks. No waiting in line anywhere, at 12:00! I couldn't recommend more.

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GoalFan5 profile photo


1145 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

We came to the buffet with my wife daughter and mother-in-law I had the roast beef from the carving table it was cooked to shoe leather texture and completely flavorless cardboard has more flavor than the roast beef. As well as their mango habanero chicken wings which un surprisingly was as bland as their roast beef, their pot stickers were cold, gnats were flying around the fruit and dessert. My wife got the made to order omelet which she describes as chunky soggy water 💧and completely unseasoned , my mother-in-law had tacos, mango habanero wings as well and she found a hair in her food . And to top everything off the drinks were off.

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T1gerEye profile photo


967 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The atmosphere far outpaces the food. The food is average, but I’ve had far worse from buffets. It was fresh and constantly being replenished and there is a lot to choose from. Price was $29 per adult which included all the drinks- coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate milk, even soy milk options. Fruits and salads were extremely fresh. Buffet is probably in the most beautiful part of the entire hotel.

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Doity4U! profile photo


782 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Who? Family of 3. What? Brunch buffet. When? June 17, 2023 Cost? $119 (including a $15 tip.) Pros. It's one of the least expensive buffets on the strip. The staff was friendly and proessional. There is food to eat, and if all you're looking for is quick uninteresting calories... this may be the place for you! The single best food item, eaten by all 3 of us, was the Chicken noodle soup! It wasn't much to look at..but it tasted good and was hearty and warm. The self serve salad bar is Passable. My wife said the French toast was good. Cons. The rest of the food generally didn't taste good or seem to be made of high quality products. Everything tasted mediocre at the best, and unedible at the worst. Sadly much of the food we brought back to our table went to waste. Summary: if you're not in a rush, try elsewhere for better food/ food options. Last note regarding parking. The Luxor doesn't offer any parking validation if you eat at their buffet. So if you still decide this is the place for you, make sure you finish in 60 minutes or you'll be adding $15-20 (M-Th and Fri- Sun) for the parking. This food is 100% not worth paying extra for parking to eat. Supplied photos are of: 1. The chicken noodle soup (the best item we ate here at Luxor buffet) 2. All the food my daughter didn't eat on her plate. This was essentially all the food she brought to the table, none was finished, except for the chicken noodle soup. She are and enjoyed 3 bowls of chicken noodle soup. She's 16 years old, not 5.

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