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Tony Roma's at Fremont Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

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Tony Roma's

Enjoy world-class ribs, along with a selection of succulent beef and chicken plates, at Tony Roma's at Fremont Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

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Fremont Hotel and Casino

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Tony Roma's | Las Vegas Restaurants

Enjoy world-class ribs, along with a selection of succulent beef and chicken plates, at Tony Roma's at Fremont Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

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Tony Roma's Ratings & Reviews

PulseJinx profile photo


303 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

We finally had the chance to try Tony Roma's and we're glad we did. The prime rib special was unbeatable! The food was cooked perfectly and the staff was very friendly. Our food came out quickly, and we were in and out in less than 30 minutes. While you may not receive the white glove treatment like at high-end steakhouses, you will definitely enjoy a delicious meal at a reasonable price with friendly service. Highly recommend trying Tony Roma's!

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HobbyD0g profile photo


509 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The Steak & Lobster deal at Tony Roma's is a great value at $13.99 per plate. Despite some negative reviews, my dining partner and I found the food to be pretty good. The staff was friendly and courteous from the start. Arriving before the rush is recommended as they start taking names for the waitlist at 8pm. By arriving at 7:50pm, we were seated by 8:45pm. Don't forget to ask for complimentary bread as a small appetizer. The quality of the food was good, especially considering the price. My medium-rare steak was cooked perfectly. Hopefully, they won't increase the price, but for a budget-friendly option for decent food, Tony Roma's is worth a visit.

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Agent20 profile photo


403 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

During our stay at the Golden Nugget, we stumbled upon Tony Roma's for dinner and were pleasantly surprised by the food and service. Our server was attentive and friendly, making our dining experience enjoyable. We were quoted a 30-minute wait time when we added our names to the list at 7:45, but we were seated in just 15 minutes. We ordered a variety of dishes - sirloin plate, New York steak plate, potato soup, and a hamburger - all cooked well done. Despite the preparation, the meat remained tender and juicy, pleasing everyone at the table. The total bill for four adults and a child came to $118, with an additional amount for tip, making it a nice dinner without any alcohol. We were also informed of a dinner deal starting at 9pm, which offered a sirloin and lobster plate for $14.99. There were also happy hour specials before 6pm that we plan on taking advantage of next time. As we left around 9:15pm, we noticed a long line forming for the dinner special, so we recommend arriving around 8:30pm if you plan on partaking in the deal. Overall, Tony Roma's provided a great dining experience in Las Vegas, and we look forward to returning for future specials.

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b6Q8t profile photo


403 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I was pleasantly surprised by Tony Roma's in Las Vegas. I tried the $9 prime rib special, thinking it was too good to be true, but it was actually delicious and tender. For the price, it can't be beat! The service was friendly and accommodating, and I appreciated the non-pretentious atmosphere of the restaurant. The ice pitcher they provided to keep our wine chilled was a nice touch. I would definitely return to this restaurant.

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K6Chan profile photo


409 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I wouldn't recommend getting the $11.99 sirloin steak and lobster meal at Tony Roma's in Las Vegas. The lobster tail was the highlight of the meal, but overall, it was just average. Our food arrived quickly, but we had to wait 35 minutes to be seated. If you're looking for a budget-friendly meal and don't have any other options, you might consider trying this spot again.

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BetKing9L profile photo


356 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The Steak and Lobster Special at Tony Roma's in Las Vegas for $11.99 was a fantastic deal! My group ordered six of these specials and each one came out just the way we liked it. My Medium Rare steak was tender and delicious, and the lobster tail was perfectly cooked and not rubbery. The meal also came with a large baked potato and cooked vegetables, which were all very satisfying. The portions were generous and I left the restaurant feeling very full. The wait staff was friendly, energetic, and accurate with our order. Although reservations are not accepted, signing up for a table at the podium nearly an hour in advance was well worth the wait. I would definitely go back for this special again. Overall, I loved it!

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