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Drenched Bar & Grill at Excalibur Las Vegas

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Drenched Bar & Grill

Drenched is located near the pool at Excalibur Las Vegas and serves up American favorites in an open-air environment.

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Drenched Bar & Grill | Las Vegas Restaurants

Drenched is located near the pool at Excalibur Las Vegas and serves up American favorites in an open-air environment.

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Drenched Bar & Grill Ratings & Reviews

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659 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

They call it drenched because you will get soaked! I wasn’t paying attention and ordered myself and a friend a strawberry daiquiri in one of those dumb plastic souvenir cups you see all around Vegas. The drinks were 25.00 USD each...refilling my cup is only 19 USD. What a bargain. Definitely will pay more attention to prices next time.

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659 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Rude bartenders. This was experienced by not only me, but others around me. Bartenders by the poolside appeared irritated and inconvenienced by helping customers. One bartender charged my sister’s husband 5.50 for a soda, and when she went back to get another drink for her daughter, they charged her $16 and had a major attitude about it. Inconsistent and rude!! They are here to represent the company, and make sure you are having a good time.. not provide what we experienced here today!

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529 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Our server was a girl named Jacqulyn she is horrible. She saw that we sat at the table looked over a few times and walked by like we didn't exist. I called her over asked for a menu her response sorry don't have any they are out at cabanas you can go inside and look my mom uses a walker takes her a minute. After i said forget it we can look into something else she tgen offered to bring a menu took like 15 minutes by that time i walked in and took a picture of the menu. My daughter requested a strawberry piña colada she came out with a piña colada instead of saying no strawberry to add we would have ordered something else. 25 minutes to bring a cup of water. Go in to check on our order find her chit chatting and our order just sitting there. Never again.

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