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Flirt Lounge at Rio Las Vegas

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Flirt Lounge

Flirt Lounge is no longer open for business.

Flirt Lounge is a perfect spot for men and women alike to have a little fun, fantasy and, of course, flirting. Flirt is also a haven for girls to gather and party both before and after seeing the Chippendales show.

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Flirt Lounge at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Flirt Lounge is no longer open for business.

Flirt Lounge is a perfect spot for men and women alike to have a little fun, fantasy and, of course, flirting. Flirt is also a haven for girls to gather and party both before and after seeing the Chippendales show. After seeing the show, hundreds of women come to this hotspot looking for a little harmless flirting with the men of Chippendales, as well as some of the hottest gentlemen in the Las Vegas Valley. Flirt Lounge creates an ultimate fantasy for women, and the ultimate paradise for men, who have plenty of flirting opportunities. Flirt is open to the public during regular hours and to ticket holders beginning at 6:30 pm Thursday through Tuesday. After the Chippendales show, Sin City’s steamiest male revue, women gather at this lounge, looking for a little harmless flirting with some of the hottest gentlemen in the Vegas valley.

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Flirt Lounge Ratings & Reviews

mango3 profile photo


364 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This place is straight robbery. Grabbed a gin and soda at the bar, and that cost $15, which is absolutely insane for a simple drink like that. Then went to find a spot to sit to finish watching the Super Bowl with my friend, when the manager sent a waitress over to tell us there was a 2 drink minimum and check our IDs, which we both agreed to, although I was pretty perplexed since I clearly already had bought one from the bar just a couple minutes before. Then that same manager came over minutes later to tell us the spot we were sitting was “reserved” and we had to move, when there was no other seating available. Weird how that happened *after* the 2 drink minimum (which we had already placed an order for) and ID check. Anyway, long story short, if you don’t want someone in your bar because they don’t fit your douchey vibe, just tell them from the get-go. Don’t try to charge them $60 worth of drinks and then kick them out. Highly recommend avoiding this place if you can. Plenty of other great bars and casinos in the area that you can check out instead.

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mSmith9 profile photo


361 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Great bar in the centre by reception. Friendly staff. Good hangout area. $9 for bud.

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las1veg profile photo


688 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Rooms were dated but in good repair, clean, and staff was helpful and friendly. Service at valet was 5 star. The front desk always had a lineup. Staff were knowledgeable, but there just wasn't enough. Restaurants, when open, had great staff. The location was good. We had a car so it was easy to get anywhere. Pools were not all open. Lots of clean towels, Place felt safe with lots of security.

No Comments Yet
P0kerPro profile photo


1088 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

The room was cleaner than I was led to believe from many mediocre reviews. The service other than maid service was pretty much non existent. I had to ask a casino pit-boss how to find the elevators to my room. The casino was busy but not so busy that I had to wait for a seat at a black jack table. The tables have $10 minimum during the day and $15 minimum at night. Lots of other casinos have $25 minimums. Many of the shops and restaurants in the resort were closed. All I wanted was a decent cheap room and a blackjack table to belly up to. If you want more there are better resorts but this one is reasonably priced and clean.

No Comments Yet
9Jm8T profile photo


988 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I stayed at the Rio, the rooms are beautiful, but that is where it ends. Checking in was a long, drawn-out wait. More than half of the kiosks were not used, making the wait longer than needed. The manager behind the desk was rude, did not want to help anyone, and backed it up with a shrug of the shoulder and a smirk. Here is what I experienced at the Rio Hotel 1. Poor management and attitude. 2. The room is beautiful, but I found carpenter nails loose on the floor. I brought this up to a different manager, who didn’t care. More than half of the shops are closed. 3. No buffet, after I was told they had one, The Carnival restaurant closed. 4. Costly food and snacks. 5. Room construction at 6:00 a.m., yes, they were using a handheld jackhammer to tear up the tile on the floor. I asked why 6:00 a.m., and they said they were not responsible for when the crew started. 6. Walls are thin, so be ready to hear your neighbor. I can handle the neighbors and expensive food because it is a casino. Still, the poor attitude and lack of customer service are unacceptable, considering the cost they charge for the rooms.

No Comments Yet
246sRT profile photo


1132 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Worst Hotel Experience Ive ever dealt with. Booked in August. No mention of Hotels switching ownership when booking via telephone. Paid regular room rate for 5 rooms. No restaurants are open, the pool is closed, the majority of the machines are out of service to be removed, the convenience store is closed so you cant even buy a water or soda. They should have just closed down during renovations. This is straight up false advertisement. I feel like ive been robbed of my time and money. It took 3 attempts to check in to actually get a room. Rooms were still not ready 4 hours after check in time. My rooms were released and then re-booked so I have multiple duplicate charges on my credit card. Ive never been so disgusted with a hotel in my life and the Rio should be truly ashamed. Best case scenario is they refund my money for remaining nights so I can try to salvage the rest of the trip by staying elsewhere.

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