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Rhythm & Riffs at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

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Rhythm & Riffs

Rhythm & Riffs at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas is open 24 hours Thursday - Saturday and features free live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Rhythm & Riffs at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Rhythm and Riffs is a casino bar and lounge located on the casino floor at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Most of the time, Rhythm & Riffs offers a cool, calm, and casual atmosphere to relax with a quiet drink while escaping the action going all around you, but the tempo picks up on weekend nights when live bands take the stage.

Rhythm and Riffs offers a wide selection of signature cocktails, wines, beers, and spirits, as well as small bites to keep you energized for your next Vegas foray. The venue is open 24 hours a day, Thursday through Saturday, with live musical performances on Friday and Saturday nights, from 10:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Guests are sure to enjoy relaxing in the comfortable lounge-style atmosphere of Rhythm and Riffs, a place that is as laid back as its name suggests.

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368 Points

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We followed our teacher Steve to this new location, and we are very pleased. Easy access, plenty of parking, and a nice lounge for parents to wait while the kids have their lesson. Magazines (!) and WiFi to help pass the time. And I like it that there's no TV blaring, like so many doctors seem to have added My student drummers reports the rooms are spacious, with two drum sets, and well insulated for sound. I see students of all ages, from kindergarten to adult. If you get a drum set from Santa, make this your next stop.

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358 Points

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I took a couple of lessons here (quit because where I was living, I had no room for a drum kit, although now I do... ) and it was cute as hell seeing these little kids rocking out on the drum kit while their parents beamed. I was at Guitar Center yesterday messing around on the drum kits and a little kid maybe 10 at oldest was in there, rockin' out, and I commented he was probably a student here because of the stuff he knew - he was good! Great place for your little drummer or for the little drummer in you!

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