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Mandalay Bay Food Court at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

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Mandalay Bay Food Court

Sometimes, even in the middle of a Las Vegas adventure, you crave something quick, delicious, and familiar. When this happens, the food Court at Mandalay Bay is just the place to visit.

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The Food Court at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas | Las Vegas Restaurants

The Mandalay Bay Food Court contains all your favorites. Johnny Rockets offers traditional American cuisine such as fresh and delicious burgers with a variety of toppings, crispy fries, and thick and creamy shakes. Feel like a sandwich? Stop by Subway for a foot long. Bonannos offers a selection of pizza and other popular Italian favorites, and the Pan Asian Express has all your favorite Asian dishes, from made to order stir fry, dumplings, and noodles to classics like Kung Pao Chicken and Crispy Cashew Shrimp. A variety of flavors for a variety of appetites.

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Mandalay Bay Food Court Ratings & Reviews

sl33k profile photo


367 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

One of the few places, in Vegas that has a well thought out, kids menu!!!! Service was fabulous and the food beautifully presented. The enchilada soup was tomatoey, hearty and filling! The chips were fresh, hot and obviously made to order with just a dash of salt. We ordered a side of flavorful black beans which melted in our mouths. The kids Mac & Cheese was gooey and creamy, and the bread pudding was uniquely crunchy and tender! Highly recommended by our family, we will dine here again!!!!

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B3zzy profile photo


566 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Found this place online when looking for some lunch. I was able to make an online reservation which I love. However as soon as I go to the hostess stand I asked how long the wait was, to see if it were possible that there was no wait time and I was advised it was about 50 minutes to an hour. So I showed the hostess my reservation instead which had about 10 minutes until my check in time. With a very rude condescending tone she advised that there would still be a wait of a few minutes. I said that was fine and my party of 4 waited for our reservation time. Once I was notified our table was ready we were greeted by another hostess who quickly said follow me and rushed us to a staircase that lead downstairs. She waved her hand and said “it’s down there” and then ran off. Without showing us to our table. We also needed an elevator as someone in our party had difficulties using that many stairs. But the hostess was nowhere to be found. Once we were self seated downstairs our service was better, although they could have been more attentive. Granted it was a busy time at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon. The food however was top notch. Everything we tried had great flavor and gorgeous presentation. Would definitely return for the food. Management should definitely replace the hostess’s. On our way out I asked for the hostess’s names, one ignored the request all together and the other although did give a name, most likely gave a fake name due to her demeanor. If management can get their front staff trained in customer service or replaced all together I would recommend this place if you are in Vegas.

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vegastrip2021 profile photo


587 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Food was not good!! I spent $38 on 2 meals and a drink and couldn’t even eat it, it was so dried out 🤢

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t4ngo profile photo


1168 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Hits the spot every time!! We shared a two entree plate with kung po and beef with broccoli. They were kind enough to give us half chow main and half fried rice. Very similar to Panda Express

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GameTime4U profile photo


828 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Please do not come here! Save your time and money! Spent $60 on two plates,two regular drinks and a side. Food was nothing but mediocre and the lady serving us had an attitude for no reason. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere

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VegasFan88 profile photo


627 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

This meal cost us more than anywhere else and was absolutely the worst I’ve ever had! Both the chicken and pork were drowning in sauce and the taste was horrible. Not to mention that staff was pretty snotty as well.

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