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Forum Food Hall at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

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Forum Food Hall

Whether you’re in the mood for down-home booking or an international experience, the Food Hall at Caesars Palace is the place to go.

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Forum Food Hall at Caesars Palace Las Vegas | Las Vegas Restaurants

Renowned chef Bobby Flay offers an American menu at his burger joint. Quality meat in your burger, delectable sauces and toppings for your fries, and milkshakes thick and creamy enough to bend a spoon are all on the menu. Gourmet sandwiches on freshly baked bread are a few steps away. Pizza that tastes like a bit of Italy, Mexican tacos, and Halal specialties from the Middle East all vie for your attention and your appetite. Try a crepe, and wash it down with your favorite beverage from Starbucks. Dine-in, pick it up, or have it delivered right to your room at Caesars.

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KJensen7 profile photo


359 Points

What I Liked Most

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Forum Food Hall in Las Vegas is a spacious food court-style dining area with a variety of restaurants and fast food options to choose from. They have refill stations for all drinks purchased, making it convenient for customers. Located near the slots, it's easy to grab a quick bite to eat while continuing to play.

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s3cretN1nja profile photo


508 Points

What I Liked Most

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Well here I go again blowing the horn of Caesar's entertainment the world's number one leading entertainment company of the world their food court is open down near 24 hours a day during most of the week you can bring your kids in there they have a variety of food it's clean it's safe it's a lively atmosphere like I said you can bring your children there Caesars you keep doing it

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Catchy123 profile photo


309 Points

What I Liked Most

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Wondering food and Great service. This was a Jordan Ramsey restaurant and the food display was as great as its taste. Highly recommend! $$

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catchy2021 profile photo


821 Points

What I Liked Most

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The manager of the Forum Food Court, Cedrick (I believe), has been astoundingly unprofessional and hateful during our trip. He shooed a guest in our party away and treated her with the utmost disrespect. A statement regarding his behavior will be written. It has affected our overall experience at Cesars and I doubt we will come back. Very disappointed in his customer service. Furthermore, several guest services representatives (not necessarily all) have been incredibly unreliable and insensitive and made us jump through hoops on multiple occasions. There is a glaring communication issue between departments that has made our stay very stressful. Thankfully, the security shift manager, Rebecca, and her staff handled the situation with grace and kindness.

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lvTravel22 profile photo


587 Points

What I Liked Most

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Bobby burger was good but sloppy prep. Onion rings are really good though.

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lucky777 profile photo


719 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

I ate at this good court multiple times. Every meal I had was very good. The hazelnut crepes were my breakfast twice, and the pizza was a nice way to hold over before dinner. My main complaint was prices. Pizza is 8 dollars or so a slice, crepes and all breakfast sandwiches 14, Bobby's burgers we got two burgers, fries and onion rings for 40. Any bottled drink there is 6 dollars. The best thing I ate there though was the crunchburger. I wish I had it one more time.

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