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As the first Italian restaurant from Chef Bobby Flay, Amalfi transports visitors to the streets of coastal Italian markets and serves up a delectable selection of fresh seafood plates.

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Amalfi | Las Vegas Restaurants

As the first Italian restaurant from Chef Bobby Flay, Amalfi transports visitors to the streets of coastal Italian markets and serves up a delectable selection of fresh seafood plates.

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Amalfi Ratings & Reviews

GambleAway9 profile photo


300 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

What a fantastic experience! The atmosphere at Amalfi is truly amazing, making you forget you're in a Vegas casino. Our server was Deana, and she provided impeccable service and great recommendations. The crab meatballs were deliciously tender and full of flavor as an appetizer. The lobster pasta was indulgently rich and creamy, bursting with flavor. The steak was cooked to perfection, melt-in-your-mouth tender, and impeccably seasoned. And don't even get me started on the decadent desserts - my personal favorite was the honey cake. Give Amalfi a try, you won't be disappointed!

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techyNinja profile photo


306 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Service was impeccable. Every time we took a sip from our drink, it was being refilled. This was an elevated experience with knowledgeable wait staff to answer questions about the menu. We picked out our fish that was then perfectly cooked in the sauce of choice. I’ve never had such a delicious fish. Everything was amazing. Photos do not do this place justice, as the flavors and pairings were top notch. Our group of 4 ordered an entree each, 1 appetizer, 2 salads, and 1 dessert. It was plenty of good and reasonably priced for what we received. Not overpriced at all.

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pixie20 profile photo


359 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

What an experience! The atmosphere is quite wonderful making you feel like you are not in a Vegas casino. Deana, our server, was impeccable in service and did not steer us wrong in any selection. The crab meatballs as an appetizer was so tender and full of flavor. The pasta with lobster was rich and creamy, packed with so much flavor. The steak was melt-in-your-mouth perfection cooked precisely and well seasoned. All the desserts were decadent with my favorite being the honey cake.

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UFO314 profile photo


727 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

Possibly the best ambiance in a restaurant that I experienced on our short stay in Vegas. From top to bottom, each item we were served was incredible. We started with warm bread and butter, and I ordered the squid ink seafood pasta. I’m not a huge fan of the texture of the pasta, but it could just be because I’m accustomed to dried pasta. However, the flavor was beyond amazing. My husband ordered a steak and thoroughly enjoyed it with a side of potatoes. We also had green beans, and I have no clue what was in them, but oh my! The green beans alone are worth returning for. We had dessert, which I believe was gelato, and we nearly tussled for the final bite. We had top notch service, and the experience was great overall.

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Magical9 profile photo


843 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

All I can say is I have been trying to get into this restaurant for a while, and I am so happy I was finally able to make a reservation. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed. The staff is wonderful. I recommend letting your waiter/waitress select your meal. From start to finish, each plate came out better than the last.

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lucky777 profile photo


719 Points

What I Liked Most

What I Disliked

When I first walked in to this place I thought prices were going to be through the roof, however compared with other top restaurants on the strip it’s reasonable. I ordered the charred octopus and it was delicious. Next was the pasta rags which I’ve never had before and was pleasantly surprised. The crunch potatoes were good but I wish I’d gotten a different dish. For dessert I did the tiramisu which was amazing. Service was great. I sat at the bar and was well tended to. A great place for a special occasion.

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